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Ways to Use Twitter In the Classroom

The social media boom over the last few years has provided some great opportunities for learning in the classroom. Websites like Facebook and Skype have allowed students to collaborate online and to also share resources at the click of a button.

Universities and learning institutions have started to use social sites to showcase their degrees, providing a platform for their students to showcase their talents. Twitter, however, has been at the forefront of this educational revolution.

Teachers all over the world have been able to use the social networking site to expand their students’ learning environment, helping them to establish an online presence as well as encouraging them to engage outside the classroom.

Instead of clamping down on smart phones and mobile devices in the class room, teachers have found new ways to integrate the digital revolution with learning through the use of Twitter.


Twitter is an excellent communication device, and many teachers use it as a bulletin board. Students are able to keep up to date with the latest information on their projects, and teachers can also post after-class learning resources to help their pupils outside school. Ultimately, it helps pupils to read more background information on their learning subjects.

Students in higher education such as college and university have also benefited from Twitter. Lecturers use the site to inform classes of cancelled seminars,and students are also encouraged to ‘tweet’ guest speakers.

Teachers also use Twitter to make sure their students aren’t lost in learning. By using the ‘hash tag’, teachers can bookmark the day’s work, and students can easily access the assignments discussed in class. Furthermore, teachers can also provide instant feedback on work.

Parent/teacher relationships have seen a big improvement with the help of Twitter. If a parent has any issues with their child’s learning, teachers encourage that they ‘tweet’ their concerns to the school. This is a great way to include parents in their child’s education, and it also holds teachers to account if solutions aren’t actioned.


In this ever-evolving digital age, networking is the key to getting yourself noticed. Getting that dream job also depends on who you know and not just what grades you have, so teachers regularly encourage students to ‘follow’ their favourite writer, scientist, businessman, television presenter or sports star.

Although there are many famous celebrities on Twitter that don’t have much to say, there is an even bigger number that use the social networking site to educate their followers. Through Twitter, students have the chance to learn the tricks of the trade they’re interested in, applying the learning techniques they’ve learnt in class to a variety of prospective career opportunities.

Teachers also ask their classes to ‘follow’ businesses they’d potentially like to work for in the future. By creating this employee/employer relationship early, students are able to become familiar with what companies look for when they’re employing.

Furthermore, business can also keep a close eye on students that show potential; major companies all over the works regularly keep tabs on prospective employees who showcase their work through Twitter.

Author Bio:- Zoe is a freelance writer and avid blogger who has written for a number of great companies in the past. She has written this post today on behalf of Innova Solutions, who create bespoke furniture for school refurbishments and for corporate environments.

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