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Want to Create a Successful Blog?: Own Your Piece of Real State in the Cyber World

One of the most common questions in the cyber space is “how to make a blog successful?” or “how to create a successful blog?”. Several answers regarding this question can be found in the cyber space. The answer cannot be generalized. As a matter of fact, it depends on the purposes of blogging. However, starting a blog is one of easiest thing to do on earth, but, there are quite few things to remember while start blogging. However, the most important thing regarding creating a successful blog which should never be forgotten is, owning a piece of real state is important in the cyber space just as it is important in real world. For success full control is important which is not available in any blogging platform available. Therefore, it is required to buy a domain and get the blog hosted there. It will cost some money, but, it worth spending. A blogger may start blogging in one of the popular blogging platform such as wordpress or blogger for acquiring some experience, but, someday the blog should be hosted at own domain. Let talk a little more detail about it.

sucessful blogger

Pretend, all the contents created by a blogger are posted on third party platforms. Now, as all those platforms have their own rule, the bloggers have to play by those rules. If somehow a blogger violate any of those rules, the account of that blogger falls in jeopardy of being blocked or cut off! …and if such thing happens, what will happen to the content of that blog? So, in order to avoid such a situation, it is very important to have own “real state”, that is, own domain. Once the blog is established, the third party platforms can be used for promoting the blogs. Again, the third party platforms shouldn’t be used as the main content platform, never. The third party platforms and the power of those platforms in the search engine should be used for attracting the visitors to a bloggers own contents, his blog.

There are some other issues those are closely related to the question of success. The blog should be simple in appearance. It’s not a good idea to make it to bright or flashy. There should be as less categories as possible. It provides the visitors comfort in navigation which is important. Ads are important for making some money out of the blog. But, there should be a certain space for ads. It’s not really good to put ads all over the blog. A good idea to manage ads is to put them in a separate page with brief description of all (or major) contents of the blog. Another important issue is creating a slogan. An attractive slogan makes a very good impression on the visitors that make them interested to enter the contents.

There are a lot more things those are important for successful blogging. But, it’s not possible to discuss all those in one article. However, creating a successful blog is never easy. But, it can be done by hard work, dedication and proper planning.

Aurthor Bio:- Article by Tanveer Sultan owner at Urdu Poetry and Hindi SMS blog.

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