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Want To Build An App? Follow In The Footsteps Of Successful App Developers.

The major buzz in the business world is to create a mobile app. We live in an incredible world where mobile applications have changed and are shaping the ways we behave and interact with our smart devices, as well as improve the convenience in what we are doing in our daily lives.

Although many want to build mobile applications, many are often lost with where to begin. App developers in Melbourne watch innovators in the mobile app space that have successfully developed popular applications in the global smart device ‘app market’. Should you decide to develop an application, you will need to consider the following benefits to the audience that will use the app.

  • Does the app solve a problem?
  • Does it make things more convenient?
  • Does it focus on helping with one thing?
  • Should the app entertain?
  • Should the app reveal news?
  • Should the app encourage engagement with communities?

Below are thirteen applications that have become successful by specializing in one area for users needs and addressing at least one of the key questions above.

App DevelopersWhatsapp

The application that took messaging and group conversations to another level. Whilst it isn’t the only Internet based messaging platform, it is one of the most popular and allows for direct messaging and conference chats in real time on mobile devices.


The creators developed a matching feature to their dating app that was able to suggest similar profiles by leveraging data from people’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. This has lead to Tinder to become the most popular mobile dating app with over 50 million subscribers and 12 million users each day.


Shazam developed their app to solve the answer to the question ‘What’s that song playing?’ A simple niche development that provides people with the answer by tapping into sound wave data.

Duo Lingo

The free language learning application for mobile has been popular for a number of years. There are over 40 different language courses over 23 languages that allow users to enter a language classroom from their smart device. For people that have had a desire to learn a language, this application has made it accessible for anyone who can access the Internet and a smart device.


The photo image sharing website. One of the key features to it’s success was the application of preset filters that users could apply to their images and share it online instantly through their smart mobile device. Users are rewarded with likes from the community, as well as discussion commentary.


The idea to share videos easily amongst social peers was the driving force behind Vine. The relatively new social medium has racked up over 40 million subscribers since its launch.


Snapchat took a unique approach with content delivery that deliberately removes itself from the web. This offered a stronger sense of privacy among users, while they were still spurring creativity with the application.

Flappy Bird

The creator of a simple game that later became addictive with many users spurred the success of this application. Although the original creator took down the game citing his uncomfort with the user addiction to the game, financially, the game was making up to $50,000 in revenue per day.


Another communication app that has grown in popularity from its ability to make free phone calls over the Internet. Popular for both domestic and international calls, it has overcome the barrier for people to keep in touch without the fear of receiving high phone bills.


An incredible offline maps application that allows people to use their smart device as a map and even function with GPS navigation. This has taken away the fear factor of becoming lost, regardless of where you are in the world.


The video messaging platform that offers an entertainment element by playing overdubs of quotes is quickly rising in popularity amongst many people.

Weather forecasting

While there are many types of applications available, the application allows users to plan better with the forecasts that are made with the weather.


This ingenious app leverages travel data for the arrival, departure, scheduling and directions for travel via the public transportation system. Best used in cities like London, Paris, New York and Berlin, they are expected to launch in more cities and is helping people to get home or find their way to their desired location easily.

There is a common trend with the apps listed above that have led to their success. They have chosen to specialize in an area that adds convenience to the user by addressing one of their core problems. With this solution, it spurs the apps popularity and the ability for the app to become successful within the app marketplace and across social media. Keep these things in mind when considering building your app and you should reap similar success.

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