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Want Long Term Gains? Time to Do Away with Subtle SEO Tricks

True SEO experts who’ve grown with the industry and have evolved with the times sure know that it requires a hell lot of patience to make your site climb up the ladder of rankings with the search engines.  Time tested SEO methods no longer hold any relevance if you’re not keeping pace with Google’s algorithm updates.

But then, as the famous saying “I can’t wait to learn patience” goes, many SEOs are often found resonating this, looking for deceitful SEO tricks and short routes to get to the top rankings of the search engines. Sure, these tricks do work but only for a short time until the next algorithmic update comes that hits your site so bad that it becomes almost impossible to make it recover in the rankings again.

So if long term gain is your focus and you actually look forward to establish a serious online presence, it would be wise on your part to do away with these short routes and actually put in some real effort to make things work for you in future.

Imagine how relaxing it would for not having to look behind your shoulder every time in a subjugated fear of being caught and instead wait for the next algorithm update with excitement to know how you reaped the benefits for all the hard work and SEO strategies devised by you in the past few months.

SEO – The Hard Way

No doubt it is difficult to do SEO without opting for tricks. You have to build quality content, build link relationships, fix bad codes, attract traffic and get them to share your link. But it is a lot easier than having to change things every few months when there is a new update. In the long run, SEO without the tricks will last longer. You will not have to keep removing links or change keywords frequently. It is hard work but it pays.

SEO Tactics That Always Work

So what are the SEO tactics that always work

  1. Search engines should be able to find all pages of your website and each of the page should be clear. The keywords used should be relevant to the content.
  2. If your website have duplicate content or broken links, then fix them or remove them.
  3. Find out the terms that people use when they search for products marketed by you. Use these terms moderately to market your products on your site.
  4. Create content that is fresh and relevant. It should engage users and inspire them to take action. They should like it enough to share it with others.
  5. Build relationship with good websites that are relevant to the content of your website. This kind of relationship will earn you links in the long run.
  6. Visitors to your website should have good experience that should make them want to return.

A lot has changed in the world of SEO. But one thing that has not changed is the hard work that you must do. If the above sounds too much work for you, you should consider hiring a reputed company which offers proven SEO services. Make your content and website such that any algorithmic updates do not affect your site or its rankings. These updates are meant to combat sneaky tricks that give you a short term success but will catch you sooner or later. You can instead work hard once and reap the benefits for a long time in the future.

Author Bio:- B. Lyttle is a proud geek and loves to explore new discoveries in technology.  She recommends that you hire SEO services of a reputed company if you’re not sure about the intricacies of Internet marketing to keep your costs low and achieve your long-term goals.

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  • desi tech board

    August 31, 2012, 4:23 pm

    I mean it should be “If your website have duplicate content or broken links, then fix them or remove them.”

    • Bilal Ahmad

      August 31, 2012, 10:32 pm

      Thank you for the correction.

  • desi tech board

    August 31, 2012, 4:17 pm

    Please correct the second list point
    “If your website that duplicate content or broken links, then fix them or remove them.”


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