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vSocial – Ideal Way to do VideoChat on Facebook

Lately we saw a lot of free apps that are proving to be the freshest and the best solutions on the market. The people behind those apps are working on helping other people get the most out of their gadgets and all this for free.


One of those apps has to be vSocial, the app that’s rapidly gaining popularity amongst FB users. With so many options on the table and since it is free to download it is normal to expect great feedback.

What do I get if I download this app?

First of all you should be aware of the fact that this app is free (Power user package goes for $0.99) and since it costs zero dollars you shouldn’t think twice whether you will download it or not. You will get a lot of options and you will experience fast video chat with your FB contacts.

You will get software that will work on your iPad, iPhone and iTouch and you will be able to use it even if you don’t have Facebook account.

You will be able to talk face-to-face with all of your contacts with just one tap on your touch screen. That’s the magic of this app- it is developed to offer face-to-face chat and that’s what it is good for. There is no big nonsense about it and no running around the bush. You will not be asked to do something in return or to share it with your friends.

You will be able to join the groups where you can meet friends (you can choose groups depending on your interest).

You will get free text messages with push notifications. Furthermore, if you turn on push-notification this means that you are opened for chat invitations from your friends.

Is there a downside?

Hoping that this app will change your social life or that it will bring a lot of new and interesting stuff in your life just because you can connect to groups is something that you can’t count on. This is a merely Video chat and there is nothing fancy about it. It is made for a sole purpose of enriching your life with affordable video communication, and that’s what this app is great for.

Another thing that we noticed is the lack of appealing design. This can be changed of course over the time with simple upgrades but it stays as a reminder for the developers in case they decide to invest their time in other apps.

There were also some bugs reported (mostly about the connection) but that was fixed in 1.4.1 version update.

We haven’t found anything else that was too radical to report and we hope this app will have some updates soon to enhance visual appearance and to offer some extras which will make this app more interesting.


Overall very satisfactory especially if you have in mind that this app comes as a free download (here we go, we said it again). Developers should work on adding the option for several languages. It would be nice to have this app in Spanish, French and Chinese. Like this the user base would probably grow much faster and on the satisfaction of 100’s of millions of users from the countries where mentioned languages are used as official language. This is pretty easy to do, and there is no reason not to add multiple language options.

The app deserves applause from our side as an encouragement for the future projects, which we hope will come soon from the software laboratories of the ivMob inc.

Author Bio:- The article is written by Jason Phillips; he is a social media enthusiast and has overwhelming desire to conquer the world. Also, he likes to do free video chat in times of leisure.

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