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Vodafone Celebrates People Doing Amazing Things for the First Time

Vodafone the world largest telecommunication celebrates people doing amazing things for the first time. With Vodafone support Neil Harbisson (a color blind spanish artist) has taught choir and archestra the colors in the same way as he does.

Neil Harbisson developed a technology eye which allows him to listen to the colors. The technology eye which he wars on his forehead helps him in a musical way to let him know the name of the colors. This is some thing that has never done before and with the support of Vodafone he has done another amazing thing.

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Harbisson used mobile technology to record the colors of the Palau de la Musica using a tablet. He then composed the score on a a similar device, and directed his musicians using his tablet to beam different colors simultaneously to members of the choir and string quartet.

He has also developed an app which can help others to experience the colors in the same way as he does. The app uses smartphone camera to analyze the color and then returns with a sound on the speaker.

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