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Video Marketing: Is it effective?

Video Marketing

Marketing is a sure way of taking your business to the next level by advertising it to potential consumers. Video marketing is currently considered the most effective strategy for marketing most businesses. The visual aspect of videos gives video marketing a higher range of creativity hence it becomes more effective than an audio version. The number of people accessing the internet has grown tremendously in recent years; smartphones have increased this margin significantly by facilitating access to the internet anywhere you are. Marketing videos that go viral therefore can be viewed, shared and responded to in a matter of seconds reaching a vast consumer base. Video marketing is considered effective for the reasons stated below.

Promotes confidence

The modern society is known to be full of counterfeits and con men, therefore, people are very skeptical about products and services that are new in the market. Videos enable a company to show people how their original products look like and how they can tell. A renown celebrity who is shown on video using a company’s product or service helps in building trust for their consumer base hence they reach even the skeptical ones.

Google promotes video marketing

Any content that is delivered in video form is usually given a priority by Google. This means that when people use Google to search for certain products or services, which they mostly do, your videos will appear at the top of their search results. Your advertisement will be seen by most people and you will be able to get your message across your consumer base without worrying about whether they were able to see the video or not.

From the use of people to animations and figures, videos have the ability to offer a wide range of explanations to those consumers that have questions about your product or service. Seeing something in action step by step will definitely give them the clarity they need and enable them to decide whether they will use it. You can check out Freemake’s video converter tool to present your videos in a format that captures your consumer base.

Promotes sales

A video advertisement that is funny and creative is appealing to the eyes. From people in a train, classroom, banking hall to the nurses’ station, they are likely to share your advertisement with the people around them when it is hilarious and entertaining. They are therefore likely to pay attention to the message in the video, widely share it on social media platforms thereby increasing awareness and sales.

Videos create traffic

Placing a video at the center of the homepage of your company’s website giving an overview of your business increases the activity that goes on the website. A creative video will generate the most traffic by boosting your search engine optimization (SEO).This means that every time potential consumers search for products or services provided by your company, search engines like Google present your company first.

Video marketing is the go-to strategy for marketing in most businesses. It is effective, dependable and reaches a wide consumer base. Most people use videos to portray their daily routines making it the most relatable marketing strategy going forward.

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  • Filipe Fontes

    January 12, 2018, 10:38 pm

    I’ve always had in mind that a video of a few minutes, can be more effective, than a text with a thousand lines. A well-produced, well-edited video ends up having more impact than texts, where people will probably not read.

    Thanks for sharing info!


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