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How Video Conferencing is becoming Increasingly Secure

Video Conferencing

Communications within businesses is changing, we’re in an ever-changing digital landscape and being able to easily discuss things within a business environment is important; information is required immediately, meetings are needed at the drop of a hat and what is being shared must be kept secure.

Video conferencing is becoming one of the most popular forms of communication within businesses, it brings a whole host of benefits, including saving on travel costs, increased collaboration and much more. Whilst a lot of businesses have embraced video conferencing and the benefits it can bring, many people are still hesitant to integrate it into their environment, often citing security worries as the main reason.

Here, Meeting Zone discuss with you how video conferencing has become increasingly secure, with advances in technology improving the way that we communicate within business.

Connect & Collaborate

More than three-quarters of businesses use video conferencing to allow their teams and clients to bring their meetings to life wherever they are. Remote working and global collaboration are two business trends that we are seeing come through more and more, meaning that the way we work is changing and tools such as video conferencing hugely help in ensuring communication does not fall by the wayside.

The technology that is used for video conferencing varies dependent on which platform your business is utilising; however, whether it is Skype for Business, Cisco Spark, Webex Meeting Centres or even Google Hangouts, the fundamentals behind the products are mostly the same. With encryption and security becoming one of the most important factors to each product, whilst each offer different benefits depending on individual business requirements, security is a main factor to ensure businesses do not experience any serious security breaches caused by using their product.

Regular Updates

Keeping up to date with the technology will help to ensure that the encryption being used provides your business with the security required to keep documents and important information safe. Sensitive data falling into the wrong hands is one of the biggest fears for businesses using video conferencing, but it is also important to focus on what is being utilised within your business day to day, is your internet provider offering you the best service?

With remote working becoming a norm in everyday business life, working from wherever you are and wherever there is an internet connection is normal for teams within businesses; therefore, as a business it is important that stringent rules are put in place to ensure that your security is priority whist video conferencing is being used. Whilst it’s important to focus on the product that you are using, your own internet security is important too, a recent Cisco study found that the security habits of many employees are inconsistent, with 40% not protecting their phones with a password, which is one of the most basic security protocols.

Video conferencing has become much more secure in recent years and it is important for businesses to recognise that the security risks that it poses may be coming from their own internet connection.

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  • Prasanta Shee

    February 23, 2017, 12:22 pm

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