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Valuable Information About Web Portal Development

In general, it is a perception of many people that web portal is devoted to a website which consist of several pages and includes plenty of features such as community pages, blog, polls, reviews, and 24 hour chat facility incorporated in it.  But there are many other features and technicalities included in designing a web portal.  These days with the change in the working system, advancement in the technology and transformation to computer era significant changes can be seen in people.  They have developed the skills of finding all information and purchasing goods and services by staying at home. Shipping through online become the casual shopping nowadays and is the best way to market the products. This mode of convenience has led to development of more and more online portals these days.

Web Portal Development has further broadened the objectives of the business.  There are two main reasons for the development of the web portal for any business.  One, it has kindled many businesses to give sophisticated services to their customers.  Two, several business processes that are divided into many departments can be merged and organized easily.  Therefore it increases the level of efficiency in managing the entire business.  All kinds of businesses require a web portal.  Based on the business, the type of portal to be developed varies.   In other words, any portal is designed and developed according to the requirements of the business.  Several functionalities are integrated keeping in mind the nature of the business. Some of the benefits of web portal are given below.

  • The establishment cost of business is diminished.  It includes, administration cost, training cost, octroi, package and many more which is reduced
  • The business operational cost is reduced.  One can save a lot on travelling and communication expenses
  • Customer support and service becomes easier
  • Synchronization of various processes involved in business and access for staff is developed
  • It not only simplifies the business operations but it can be changed and modified according to our convenience
  • It is a great way to take your business to next level
  • You can market your business globally.

Web Portal development is multifaceted task and involves expertise in this.  Knowledge of technology and skill set for planning and executing several functionalities is very essential for developing a friendly portal.  The functionalities included in the portal vary according to the businesses and its requirements. An educational portal comprises of exclusive functionalities and matrimonial portal has varied and specialized features in it.  Some of the kinds of portals are:

  • Job portal
  • Search portal
  • Matrimonial portal
  • Classified portal
  • Dating portal
  • Content portal
  • Game portal
  • E-commerce portal
  • Community portal
  • Article portal
  • Tender portal
  • Business web portal
  • B2B portal
  • B2C Portal
  • Entertainment portal
  • Education portal
  • Real estate portal

Many other kinds of portals can also be custom made according to the business needs.  Web portal development for your business helps your business grow and reach beyond boundaries.  It gets your business more clients and customers. Therefore it becomes mandatory that the portal that you build for your business incorporates all the latest technology in it.

Besides, the most essential criteria are that it should be search engine friendly portal.  Whether it is a corporate portal or a portal developed for small and medium sized business it is essential that the feel of the portal looks real.  It should be flexible, interactive and highly manageable portal with simple procedures.  There should be sync between the content, features and the business on the whole. For example, Educational portal must consist of all information and links that are appropriate to it.

Every web portal comprises of focused features.  Some of the common features that are found in a web portal are given below.

  • Search options
  • Press releases
  • Tips and Guidance
  • captions
  • Banners
  • Administrating panel
  • Member login areas
  • Instant chat
  • Share buttons
  • Payment gateway
  • Forums
  • upload, download of videos

Apart from these basic features there are different and unique features for every business.  It is based on the operational pattern of that business.  Say for example a job portal consist of job alert services, job search options, interviews and their schedules, profile of employers and employees and many other features related to job.  In an e-commerce website you should have come across, cart, product category, pricing of the product, description of each product and much other functionality required for selling pitch.  A travel portal might consist of map and some may consist of ticket booking and hotel room booking options.  To conclude, the prerequisite of every portal is based on its business characteristic.

Hence, the web developer must be able to understand the necessities and the constraints of the business.  He must be able to focus on every factor and provide you with the latest and ground-breaking business solution, in terms of your portal.  This is the ground-work that he does which later helps in managing business in a flexible way.  Some of the key factors that have to be considered by a web portal developer are given below.

  • Customized portal indoctrination
  • Structural design must be done after business scrutiny
  • Tailored development of various applications
  • Interface design and user friendly portal development
  • Ready to use database should be designed and amalgamation of several features
  • Conciliator applications should be integrated with other services
  • Exclusive and innovative solutions
  • Optimization tuning for the better performance of the portal
  • Proofing entire portal development process
  • Absolute portal testing for the successful launch

Therefore the efforts and services taken by the developer help in attaining success in your business.   He must be able to provide you a comprehensive solution and must enable the smooth running of your business. He must be aware of the latest changes that take place in the web portal development sector and incorporate them in your portal in an effective way. Ensure that you research well before you employ one web portal development service provider for your business.

Author Bio:- Dev is associated with iFlexion one of the best web portal development solutions available in the internet. It also offers enterprise web app development, advanced web programming and custom website development solutions.

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