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Using Videos for Investor Relations

For any entrepreneur, videos play a crucial part in improving one’s relations with his investors and in increasing his income. So if you have not thought about making online videos to broaden your investment horizons, then it is time that you rethink your strategy.

Sure, it takes a little bit of effort to embed good online videos.  After all, why would you bother to make online videos part of your investor relations site when you have more important aspects to focus on?But what you don’t know is that the long-term benefits of embedding videos in your site may far outweigh all the hassles involved in the process. Listed below are more compelling reasons.

1# Videos persuade investors to trust in your product

Videos are an excellent instrument to build investor rapport, thus by far, your most powerful selling tool. They are the first and last thing that your investors would look at before drawing a conclusion about your product and coming up with their decisions. Just always see to it though that your videos are always engaging and convincing enough to tell your investors that the proof is already in the pudding. Videos lacking in substance are just going to put you in the lurch.

2# They help create a more impactful selling strategy

This is, in one way or the other, related to the first one.  An online video can tell your story in a way that is easier for your investors to grasp, see, and quickly understand.

Take TV commercials for instance. If you were to peddle your wares by handing out or sending tons of brochures or hundreds of emails on the same products you have on TV, how many people out there do you think would buy your products out of those leaflets and spam emails that they receive? For sure, not many. Yet, you would notice that there are millions of people who purchase items that they don’t even use out of the infomercials that they see every day.

3# They help you get more visitors and eventually more traffic

Investors are more likely to show a video to other investors than an annual report.  If you have an online video on your site, then you are going to reach more investors.  The more investors you reach, the more money flows into your company.

4# They prove that you are ahead of the pack

If you use online videos correctly, it will send a signal to your potential investors that you have your act together, and you are a reliable, cutting edge company.  That means not just linking to a YouTube video but embedding short, relevant videos in your investor relations website (and not just on the homepage but throughout the site).

Statistics show that out of 100 people, 70% buy things out of what they both see and hear; 30% of what they see; and only 20% of what they hear. So show your investors videos that will create a lasting impression in them, and see your business climb its way to the pinnacle!

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