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Using Recovery Software to Retrieve Deleted Files

One common problem that computer users face is finding out that a file they need has been deleted. This is often the result of an error by the user who deleted a certain file because it was mistaken for another one, or who suddenly realizes that he needs a file that he got rid of. In an environment where computers are shared, such as at home or in the office, it happens quite.

What many inexperienced PC users end up doing is taking the PC to a repair shop where a technician will attempt to recover the deleted files… for a fee, of course. But there are plenty of software programs you can find online that will allow you to restore deleted files yourself. Very often, these are the same tools that a professional computer technician will use when recovering data.

Here is how to use recovery software to get back deleted files:

Immediately Stop Using Your PC for Anything Else

The way most storage media (hard drives, memory cards, etc.) work is that when a file gets deleted in Windows, the data isn’t actually “removed” from the disk. Rather, the operating system considers the space that the file is taking to be “free” and ready to be overwritten. Files can generally be recovered, as long as the space they take on the disk wasn’t overwritten by another file. Therefore, you should avoid doing any other work on your PC until you’ve tried to recover the file.

Get Recovery Software

There are plenty of recovery programs that you can download online, some of which are free. Download.comoffers a wide selection of software which can be instantly downloaded to your computer and allows you to get back files that were deleted. Look up the keywords “undelete” or “recovery” in the search box and you should find plenty of programs to do the job. If you need to recover files from removable media, such as USB memory sticks, iPods, flash memory cards, etc. be sure to select a program that supports these devices (most new recovery tools do). Some of the most popular ones include Recuva, Glary Undelete and Pandora Recovery.

Run the Software

Go through the instructions on how to install the software and run it on your computer. The user interface will vary between the different tools, but generally you will be presented with a list of files that are deleted and can still be recovered. Search for the name of the file you want in this list and select it for recovery. Assuming that the file wasn’t overwritten by other data, you should be able to get it restored.

If The File Isn’t Recoverable in the Software

If a file can’t be undeleted with simple software recovery tools, it’s probably because it was already overwritten by another file. If the file is important enough for you, there is one last option. You can send the hard drive or other storage medium to a company that specializes in data recovery and computer forensics. These providers have professional hardware tools that may allow them to recover files that were overwritten several times. However, you should be aware that their services can cost from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. There is also no guarantee that the entire file can be recovered (you may be able to get a part of the data that was contained in it). Therefore this solution is only for extreme cases.

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