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Using Google to Help Your Business Grow 400% or More Locally!

Mailers, newspaper ads, radio announcements, etc. can all improve the growth of your business locally. While these forms of advertising are great for business growth, they do not get as many viewers as an internet website.  Google has over 50 million viewers each day while the number of those who read the newspaper is on the decline.  What does this mean for you?  Utilizing the services Google provides can help your business grow locally by more than 400%.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps improve the visibility of a website in search engines such as Google.  When using SEO you can denote the location of your business, making it easier for local viewers to find.  The use of search engine optimization can help bring customers to your website from around the world as well as from your local area, thus increasing the amount of customers that can view your products and services.  One of the strategies of SEO is to use keywords to make your webpage more visible to searches from Google.  For example, a keyword such as heater hose placed on your website could be found when a consumer uses Google to search for that keyword.  Placing two keywords together such as heater hose and New York will allow consumers to find the product they are searching for in the location they want.

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Google Apps

Google Apps is an office suite hosted by Google which offers many applications to help you run your business as well as help you to improve the growth of your business.

Google Places – Listing your business with Google will help you be found by local costumers.  You can post pictures and reviews, special offers and information, and more.  Google Places allows consumers to post feedback about your business which you can use to make changes and decisions regarding your business.

Google Analytics This tool from Google allows you to monitor your website traffic.  It can tell you how many people arrived by web search and how many arrived by directly typing in your web address.  You will also see where these consumers are located by zip code.  This can help you determine where more advertising may be needed.

Google has many other tools and services available to help your business grow locally.  Using SEO and the tools Google offers can make your business known and increase your customer base and profit.

Bio: This article is written by Lance Williams. Who works With the largest truck and bus dealer network in the industry, our International® and IC Bus™ dealers service all-makes of vehicles, from a Tapered bearings to a heater hose, anywhere, anytime. No matter the make, heater hose can get you back to uptime in no time.