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Using Adobe Edge Fonts for your Website

Globally, the Internet has become the master of all services. Bringing every little task into the array of possibilities, there is an escalation of needs to improve the qualities of a webpage or a blog.  Web designers always look forward to use advanced tools to innovate, remodel and customize their pages.

adobe edge fonts

What are Adobe® Edge Fonts?

With Adobe® Systems’ Adobe® Edge, designing has become simpler. Edge essentially creates open source applications for HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 enabled web entities. Exclusively from Adobe® Edge, a large number of fonts are available promising web designers’ fantastic liberty to employ it as they wish. Fonts could be incorporated into the website through a script. Designers can customize the script to add fonts. It includes font sets from Google and Squirrel. Edge has in store basic fonts to countless symbols. These are powered through TypeKit.

Using Adobe ® Edge Fonts

Before getting into the application part of fonts to the website, there are a few settings to be understood.

  • Preview
  • Manual
  • App Support

Preview: An icon on the website page of Edge to select the required font and then you just have to select the code and apply it to your site with a few changes if necessary. There will be a drop down list to choose the desired font and with that the code is available. You can alter it if you want. Also understand that many fonts might not provide support to many languages. So it is necessary to use a font that possibly works with multiple languages.

Manual:  Through the manual mode, the user can add his own code, so it has nothing to do with the automated versions of the code.

App Support: It is completely in the Hands of Adobe®, which actually gears up the service to set up applications to generate fonts.

Main Portions of the Font URL

Class of fonts or Family

This denotes the main name given to the type of font. There are so many fonts that are readily available on the website.

Font Variation Description (FVD) is what Adobe calls it. The values are added individually & commas are the separator. It is not compulsory

Sub Values or Subset

The sub values will include customizations that can be done to the font from changing the Font color to font size. Like fvd, the use is left to the designer’s choice.

Fonts in:

Cascade Styled Sheets or CSS

After a script is added to the webpage, The FVDs and class of fonts should be included to put them into the Cascade Style sheets on the query.

What the URL does is that it relates the specified font to the CSS library and it is also necessary to add an extra font in case there is no support for the main font.


The Edge fonts are accessible from the two types of Protocols namely, HTTP and HTTPS.

If the Web pages are connected without a main server, then it is better to use the HTTP type protocol. Usually the local attribute of the page is accessed with HTTP. Through HTTPS, the fonts are generated in a safer environment.

Subsets of Edge Fonts

With the Default subset, you will have access in only a certain type of foreign characters. The all option lets the designers use every detail of the original font.

With Adobe Edge fonts, your webpage can become decorative, lovely and all the more informative.

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