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Useful SEO Strategies Once Your Site is a Year Old

When a website is brand new, to some extent your hands are tied when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Some early strategies might have included focusing on link diversification, effective content marketing and an active social profile. But other SEO and marketing strategies must wait until the site is a year old before they’re sensible to use.

SEO Strategies

Here are a few SEO strategies to try with a slightly older website.

Rank Brain, Rich Snippet and Position Zero

Grabbing the snippet, the content quote with a link at the top of the search results, has become known informally as position zero. Google takes a quote from a chosen page’s content and highlights it using their Rank Brain technology to figure out which page has the most relevant content.

To feature in the rich snippet, firstly content must be longer than 500 words. It must be deemed worthy. Generally, content has to be as long, if not longer than the average word count of other pages featured in the top 10 listing.

It helps if the paragraph on your page is near the top of the content. It should be informative, flow well and help the searcher. Using synonyms to avoid repeatedly using the same keyword is best. Avoid keyword stuffing in pursuit of the rich snippet. Bear in mind, the page and snippet that Google decides to use changes frequently but if your pages are optimized for it, you have a chance.

Pursuing Links More Actively

When a site is younger than a year, obtaining too many backlinks is risky. It could be seen by Google or Bing as artificial link building. Knowing what links to get and what to avoid is something that is ever changing in the SEO landscape. Certainly, once a site is over a year, more links can safely point at the website without it looking suspicious. This is one of the definite advantages of owning an older site.

When Ignite Visibility made “SEO: The Movie”, it was to highlight better ways to think and go about working with SEO. This continues on from their YouTube channel which aims to do the same thing. Let them guide you on the right links to build SEO ranking and a quality link profile.

Developing Higher Quality Content

When starting a site, there’s the desire to get content out into the world, to make a statement, to establish a brand. Getting some velocity is important.

After the first year, it’s time to look back at the content. How does it stack up against your standards today? Or against your peers in the same industry? Be honest in the assessment. Could it be better?

Create a two-pronged content strategy:

  1. Create new content that raises the bar on quality, depth and breadth. Include diagrams, infographics and images. Make it easier to read and it needs to be scannable. Ensure it has actionable points because readers love that.
  2. Revise existing content to make improvements. Rewrite paragraphs for clarity. Add new sections. Improve graphical presentation and formatting.

With sites that now have a little age, there are more options for companies. Explore the broader range of options for improving SEO, inbound links and content to rank higher in search engines.

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