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Use Videos to Boost Traffic to Your WebSite and Blog

Video marketing is all the buzz at the moment. Using videos can be an effective way to promote your web site, online shop, blog or even an offline business. Video marketing is simple, effective and fun to do. But first, let’s start with some realities.

Good blended search results

If you used Google a couple of times lately, you probably noticed images from video results on the first page. Here is a screenshot of such a search.

google video results image

Most of the videos came from Youtube, sometimes from other video sharing sites like MetaCafe.com, eHow.com, 5min.com and others. YouTube is clearly number one – a monster, containing millions of videos.

Today, video marketing can bring you more traffic than article marketing used to just a year or two ago. That’s why putting some time into learning the ropes of video marketing can pay off handsomely.

But I don’t know how to make a video!

If you are completely new to making and marketing videos, I totally understand the worry and even the unwillingness to go into this new area. But don’t fret, making video today is something an eight-year-old kid can do, using tools and services available on the web.

Screen capturing

Probably the easiest way to create a nice video is by capturing the screen of your computer, while you show something and explain it through your microphone. Check out and download a free tool called CamStudio. It produces a video file that you can upload to any video sharing site. Screentoaster.com is another option, it’s an online screen capturing program with no installation required.

PowerPoint presentations

If you have experience creating PowerPoint presentations and have a selection of music, then creating a video is also a snap. Check out and download E.M. Free PowerPoint Video Converter. One, two, three and you have a very nice video presentation to share with your potential customers.

Uploading Videos

Now that you have a video ready to share with the world, it’s time to put it to use. If you upload it only to Youtube.com, you’ve done well. However, there are dozens of other video sharing sites on the web today with their own traffic of video watchers. To save you a lot of manual labor, use video uploading tools and services, like free TubeMogul.com.

To make sure your work is not for nothing, remember to use correct keywords in the title, description and tags of your videos. Why bother at all, if people won’t find them using the keywords you are promoting, right? And last but not the least – you are advised to promote the videos themselves, using blogs, social bookmarking and social media sites, so that your view counts grow fast. The bigger view count, the more your video would show up both in Google search results and in the search facilities of the video sharing sites themselves.

Many of these sites, including YouTube, allow putting your URL in the description, making it clickable. Don’t forget to put a reminder at the end of your video for viewers to click on the link to go to your web site for more information or to buy.

Several popular shopping cart packages such as Inspire Shopping Cart allow you to embed YouTube videos into product pages. This could double your results. Your video would bring traffic to the shop and second – smart and emotionally engaging video can greatly increase sales conversion on the product page itself.

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