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Use the Power of Facebook to Sell your Belongings

Selling on the internet has opened up new avenues, not only for the businesses- big or small, but it has made selling possible and easy even for individuals! Many businesses that can not afford to spend huge amounts to create awareness about their products in the regular channels of marketing media have found success through om establishing themselves via the internet. When there once was no way you could possibly interest people in buying your antique LPs or turn of the century books, the internet offers a free platform to achieve it. Facebook is mostly known as having provided a great platform for people to communicate, connect, and share their significant moments. However, the internet giant has not overlooked the eCommerce possibilities of such a platform, especially in light of the fact that it now has over 750 million users around the world.  New developments have made it easier to offer the platform for selling and buying.

selling on facebook

The application facilitating selling and buying, called “Marketplace” is integrated on the pages of Facebook. Log in to your Facebook account and you can find it in the Applications box on the left side of the home page. Or you may search for Marketplace from the search tool and add the same to your page. Facebook Market app facilitates selling, buying, hiring or searching any thing you want. Of course, there are many Buy and Sell classified sites available on the net, but the main advantage of the Facebook platform is that here you can deal with your friends and also know what is available in your area. You are not necessarily dealing with total strangers, unlike in classified ads, which makes many people hesitate to buy there.

If you are planning to sell your item that can be photographed, take a good picture and if possible with features that make it stand out with other items on display. On the Marketplace page click “Add New Listing” found at the top and choose “For Sale” tab among other tabs that offer Free-stuff, Housing and Other that is for any other deals. In the page that opens, choose the specific category the item belongs to: electronics, furniture, books etc. Give the information about the item like description and asking price. You can upload the photo of the item. Then click on “Create listing” to upload the listing with all the information.

Are you planning to sell handmade items online? Etsy is the site that specializes in handcrafted items of many varieties and you can post them on Etsy, but the traffic you may get here is not much.  You can cross-post them on Facebook to easily promote such merchandise by adding your Etsy shop on Facebook. This is just one example of how thousands of sites offer the public information and purchasing opportunities for their products, which can be linked to your Facebook pages.

Selling on Facebook is implied when companies display their products on Facebook and users could click “Add to Cart.” In times past, those customers were taken to the seller’s external websites to complete the transaction. Newer software and advanced technology has now made it possible to complete purchases on the Facebook site.

Author Bio:- Denise Gabbard is a writer and blogger. She writes about a wide range of topics, including travel, finance, pets, relationships, and even Land Rover insurance.

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  • Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

    October 13, 2011, 9:17 am

    Hi Denise,
    Thanks for sharing with us about the application on Facebook that helps buy and sell our stuff. I have many friends who have sidejobs that buy/sell items using social media sites, and their Facebook pages are full of pictures of merchandise or stuff that are secondhand.


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