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Unveiling of Mini iPad on Oct, 23

Apple is likely to hold an event by the end of this month at Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium. According to the reports on Oct 10, Apple was scheduled to distribute the invitation for the upcoming event in its Fourth Quarter and on that particular event the world is likely to see the unveiling of the Mini iPad.

Mini iPad

In case Apple unveils its Mini iPad on Oct, 23 than it might take the spot light away from Microsoft as they plan to release their highly anticipated Surface Tablet on Oct, 26 at an event in New York.Apple’s already held one of its biggest eventsin 2012 and now the new Mini iPad is expected to be released this Oct. The rumors suggest that new iPad will have a screen size between 7 to 8 inches.

On the other hand Apple’s competitors Amazon and Google capturing the market with its Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 respectively. The Nexus 7 seems to cover the big part of the market as it comes up with the latest Android v4.1 Jelly Bean. On the other hand the new Mini iPad will probably have iOS6 operating system by default.

With iPad having so much inside for its users has already taken the world to new heights helping all the way through your student and professional life. It used to be Apple with the advantage over its competitors when it comes to tablets but Amazon and Google has taken the tablet market by storm with their 7 inch tablets offering at very reasonable prices. Now Apple users are hoping for something much affordable and mini. The sights are set on the upcoming release of Mini iPad.

Now the time will tell if the arrival of new Mini iPad will take over the tablet market and make the Fourth Quarter the best one for Apple in terms of healthy earning or Apple’s competitors would keep on enjoying their superiority over Apple in the tablet market. Will the Mini iPad bring something new and innovative for the users or they will have to leave with the old technologies in high prices.

Author Bio:- Sophia Taylor is a Student& Blogger. Her basically revolves around technology and writes for all the latest trends in the field of Technology. More over write stuff about iPad and other Apple products. Working on different blogs is also one of my passions and iPhone is the one big thing that I always look forward to comment and write content related to Apple Earnings.

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