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Untraceable PC Online: IP Address Quick Change

Be almost undetectable as you surf the Internet with an untraceable PC online. All it takes is a simple IP address quick-change because there are easy ways to change an IP address. This is good news for those who want to continue enjoying the Net without getting privacy hassles.

PC Faceoff

For instance, exploring the Internet is a delightful adventure and this often entails going from one website to another. One may even venture further and join membership websites. In doing so, one’s IP address is sometimes overexposed and some sites attach tracking bugs like cookies to your browser and are able to track it.

Worse if the sites attach viruses, compromising surfers’ computers. But that need not happen. Surfers can continue enjoying the Internet as much as they want. All they have to do is an IP address quick-change and within a matter of seconds they have brand new Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. That’s a PC faceoff. Their online presence assumes a new face. And here are easy ways to change an IP address:

Manual Change

A manual change is possible but the Internet Service Provider or ISP is likely to discover it and ban the PC for good. The result: no more internet connection ever. Anyway, for the purpose of sharing information, here’s how it is done. Either plug in the modem or click the option that says something like “DHCP Renew.” There will be a window display of the command prompt. If it says for instance, make it and then manually enter the IP addresses of the subnet, DNS server, and Gateway.

In case does not work, it is probably already in use by another user. Keep trying other IPs until an available one is hit. This is definitely among easy ways to change an IP address. For MAC users, though, there needs to be a match up between the ISP and the modem data. Otherwise, there won’t be any Internet connection. No IP address quick-change is possible and no chance for the desired untraceable PC online.

Moreover, if the IP enters the router but not the computer, an http into the interface of the router is necessary. Then manually do the IP there.

Here are other easy ways to change an IP address, but the following steps are possible only with a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP being used for the computer and the network. Moreover, when using a router with an enabled DHCP, these steps can only be effective on the LAN or Local Area Network. And this is between the computer and the router only. For a public IP address quick-change, do so with a device that separates the computer from the Internet.

Untraceable PC Online Using Windows XP

Here’s how the change is done with Windows XP. At the bottom of the computer screen (left side) there is the “Start” option. Click it and select the “Run” button. Then types into the box provided the term “CMD” and then select “Okay.” This displays the MSDOS prompt screen. Next, type on the space provided the phrase “ipconfig/release.” Then press the “Enter” button. This process disables the Internet connection. To re-connect, simply type the phrase “ipconfig.renew.” Then type the word “exit.” After that, leave or ignore the prompt.

Place the cursor on “Network Places” and right-click. This is found on the desktop. Select “Properties” which displays the “Local Area Connection” or something to the effect. Do the same with other networks in case a network hook-up is in use.

Then right-click again on “Local Area Connection,” and then “Properties” and double-click on the term TCP/IP or Internet Protocol. This is located in the “General” list. The “Use the following IP address” option should be visible, again under the “General” list or tab. Click on it. Create the desired IP address on the space provided.

Opt for “Tab” and that displays the filled in “Subnet Mask” portion including the default numbers. Then click the “Okay” option. Another “Okay” button appears and click on it, too. This displays the “Local Area Connection.” At this point, go to the “Properties” selection by again right-clicking on the “Local Area Connection.” Back to the “TCP/IP” option, choose “Obtain an IP Address” which does the work automatically. An “Okay” button appears. Click on it.

Once the “Okay” button re-appears, click on it and the new IP address is operational.

Author Bio:- Charlie is a free lancer writer of http://www.explaintechstuff.com/ and is explaining how to change IP Address

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