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4 Unique Blog Trends to Watch in 2013

One of the biggest blogging trends building steam is the type and quantity of available blogs. Unique, innovative and flat-out strange blogs are out there to entertain even the most demanding reader. From cultural introspective to creative rants and niche blogs, there really is something for everyone. Beyond the types of blogs that have been popping up recently, there are also a slew of truly unique blog trends on deck for 2013.

1# Google AdSense

It seems like everyone is jumping on the advertised blog bandwagon. Google AdSense is the go-to approach for many people and it comes with a required six-month active blog approach. Maybe your blog is really taking off in your niche market. After six months, why not try to monetize it with an easy AdSense approach?

2# Fonts: They Matter

You may not realize it, but there’s a lot of hoopla around the font type for blogs. By and large, Verdana is the most popular with Arial coming in as a close second. Times New Roman instantly lets readers know you’re boring.

The most important characteristic of a blog font is that it’s sans-serif. This leads to a cleaner, contemporary look. Strangely enough, sans-serif fonts are actually the most difficult to read in long stretches. The serif softens the characters and makes reading easier on the eyes; perhaps it’s further proof that people scan (rather than read) blogs.

3# Where Bloggers Are Kind to the Eyes

Surprisingly, while bloggers don’t pay much attention to font style on their reader’s eyes, they’re right on top of color schemes. The most popular background color for blogs is white because it’s considered kind to the eyes. In reality, while it’s kinder than neon orange, it’s not the best choice. Some savvy bloggers are picking up on this, which is why earth tones are gaining popularity.

Naturally, the influx of earth tones will impact the overall feel of blogs in 2013. Expect to see a lot of neutrals, soft hues and relaxing backgrounds. These muted tones might help you try to read new favorite blogs in Russian and Arabic, which are slated to be the top languages on the rise this year. English still leads the pack with Mandarin and Japanese on the flanks, but a bevy of new blog languages are on the brink of booming.

4# Hidden SEO

Unfortunately, the early SEO days of keyword stuffing left a bad taste in many mouths. The push towards high-quality SEO is strong, but for some markets it’s not enough. Just like your mom hid your veggies in dishes you loved, SEO is being hidden by many pro bloggers and camouflaged as non-SEO material. The bottom line is that bloggers need to have mad skills at organic SEO incorporation.

As bloggers gain credibility so will the art of blogging. Some people are making a decent full-time living as bloggers. Newscasters are using the platform to provide a fuller story than is possible in a 30-second spot. These indicators mean that blogging is becoming more of a profession and less of a hobby.

About the Author:- Katie Elizabeth is a freelance blogger and content coordinator who loves writing about technology, social media, business and careers. She loves learning about different topics from variable depth pools to DIY home renovation. You can follower her on Twitter @katiegelizabeth.

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