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Twitter Tools- Google Follow Finder and Replay It New Features

Google is the world most popular search engine and it provides the most accurate result to the users. Similarly Twitter is the world most popular social media to provide most useful information to the whole internet community. Now google has start two very useful features called “Google Follow Finder” and “Replay It”. These features are now included in google real time search and you can now perform these actions from Google Search Engine.

Google Follow Finder feature allows you to enter the username of any Twitter Follower or User and click on “Google Search” button to find useful tweets. It will show you two messages Tweeps with Similar Followers” and “Tweeps you might like”. This feature is based on twitter new framework that is @anywhere which allows you to search twitter from any where Or add twitter to any website or blog. For example entering “TechMaish” in google and then clicking on “Update” you will see all latest tweets from TechMaish.

latest tweets

Replay It is another feature that google has added to its search engine. What this option allows you is that you also search twitter for a keyword. For example if you want to search keyword “Search Engine Optimization” tweets in twitter, then enter the keyword in google search engine and click on “Show Option” and you will see “Update” option at left side of your browser. (See the below Screen Shot)

google follow finderAfter clicking on ‘Update” option you will see all latest tweets about the keyword “Search Engine Optimization”. As you can see in the below screen shot.

google and twitter

These are the two useful features you can perform on google search engine. From these features it is now clear that google is trying to provide quality information to the visitors. They are not just doing business and earning money, but they are serious to provide information to the internet community. Instead of adding these twitter features they can also add the same features for Google Buzz, but they did not do that. So that is why i am saying that google is more user friendly.

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