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Twitter to Release its Own Advertising API

Micro-blogging websites did have a slow start ever since their inception. However, over the years they have become a rage. This day such websites are used beyond just helping people network and connect with friends, family and the rest of the world. One such website that is in the news for going ahead of just connecting and networking individuals is Twitter. Recently, Twitter hit the headlines for being fully prepared to launch its advertising Application Program Interface (API).

Twitter to release its advertising API

Various sources have confirmed that Twitter has created a road map planning every step and stage of launching its advertising API. It is believed that officials from the company have also started making social marketing agencies aware of the advertising API. This in turn will go a long way in helping big brands and advertisers purchase advertisement on this micro-blogging website.

Reactions from the advertising agencies

One of the social media marketing agencies went on to conform that they have been in talks with Twitter about the API prior to the holiday season. Another official from yet another advertising agency said that advertisement rates that his agency fixed for Twitter advertisements were short term. However, when contacted to get an official word officials at Twitter refused to comment on the same.

Twitter’s date with advertising

This is not the first time that Twitter is trying its hands with advertising. Advertising was first introduced on this micro-blogging website in April 2010. Ever since then advertisement has been more or less like a self service tool on Twitter. Advertising agencies and companies had the opportunity to upload an advertisement on Twitter. The uploaded advertisement would run across the micro-blogging website. Such advertisements would be recognized as ‘Promoted Tweets’.

One ad at one time on Twitter

Per this concept advertising agencies and companies can upload just one advertisement at one time on Twitter. This is one of the drawbacks that is being experienced. This kind of concept cannot be used for large scale advertising campaigns. Ability to upload one advertisement at one time becomes time consuming for advertising agencies who are working with multiple clients and who wish to upload more than one advertisement simultaneously. This is one of the reasons for this micro-blogging website to take this bold step in introducing an advertising API.

Twitter advertising API’s terms and conditions

If what is being reported in the media is to be believed Twitter was planning to launch this advertising API much earlier. One of the questions which remains unanswered is will Twitter offer an individual advertising API similar to what its rival Facebook offers? However, we will have to wait and watch out for Twitter’s advertising API terms and conditions.

Is the wait finally over?

Twitter has also been in the news recently for launching its ambitious global campaigns across different geographies. The aim of this project is to be able to successfully target mass geographies at one instance. This micro-blogging website managed to achieve this by adding up support for markets in different geographical locations.

Yet another feature that has attracted many brands is Twitter’s addition of Certified Products Program. This lets a business measure how their brand is performing on this micro-blogging website. However, we will have to wait and watch when Twitter will launch its advertising API.

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