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Twitter Official Button Launched- Grab It

Twitter has finally launched its official button for bloggers and website owners. Although there are buttons available for twitter that you can place on your blog to allow your readers to tweet your posts. One of the popular one is tweetmeme button. The need for TweetMeMe button will now decrease as official one now available, and officail buttons are always secure then the third party button.

TweetButton is available in different sizes, languages and formats. The button has very attractive look and features. The first option that is available on the home page of official button is “Button”. You can select vertical, horizontal or button without tweet counts. Select the one that suits your website best and click on the second option that is “Tweet Text”. Type title that will appear when some one tweets your post to his/her twitter account. The next option “URL” allows you to type any other URL instead of the default one. The last “Language” option is to the change the language of the button, only 5 languages are available.

twitter official buttonA never seen before option has also been added to the button. Where you can type 2 more twitter accounts that will appear to the user who tweets your posts. It will appear as recommended people to follow just after the tweet is completed.

recommend twitter accounts
Final step is to copy the code and paste in your wordpress single.php or any other location to display the button. You can read how to add retweet button post to know about adding tweet button in your blog. You can even create your own twitter button for your blog. Visit Here to know about the procedure of creating your own twitter button.

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  • [email protected]

    October 25, 2010, 7:41 am

    Really great share. Thanks dude. Have to get it from twitter now.


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