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Twitter Launches its First TV Ad

Have you ever imagined how technology has changed our society and our lifestyle? Have you ever compared the people of today and the past? The difference is simple. People previously woke up to the chirps and tweets of birds, and now, they wake up to the tweets of friends and celebrities. That’s the impact of social networking. Like it or not, it has become a part of our life.

Twitter is a micro blogging and social networking website that allows the users to post text based messages known as ‘Tweets’. Twitter made it to the list of the top 10 most viewed websites, soon after its launch.  It has over 140 million users and it generates up to 340 million tweets each day (No wonder birds are on the verge of extinction).

Did any of you notice the Twitter commercial?

There was a big surprise during the NASCAR 2012 race. Twitter came up with its first ever television commercial which was telecast during the 2012 Pocono 400 NASCAR race. Omid Ashtari of Twitter, on his community page tweeted to check out the site’s first commercial.

The spot which plays up to 16 seconds, shows ace NASCAR racer Brad Keselowski (who finished 24th, another big surprise), capturing the world from his perspective using his iPhone. He is seen taking advantage of the iPhone’s ability to directly upload pictures on to twitter. Keselowski, who is an active user of Twitter, earned 100,000 followers in February. Wonder how? He posted the pictures of a fire accident followed by an explosion in one of the race tracks.

Now, coming back to the commercial. The most appealing part of the spot is the way Twitter has brought in the hash tag of NASCAR at the end. Now, the link reads as twitter.com/#NASCAR (redirected to twitter.com/hashtag/nascar) instead of the traditional twiiter.com/NASCAR. The redirected event page of NASCAR shows everything related to the Pocono 400 race from photos and tweets of all the people related to that event. NASCAR has truly received a whole lot of promotion with this without annoying the users.

Does this indicate the arrival of something new from the website?

Maybe yes. It could be a promotion for the new hash tag pages from Twitter. The hash tags have been increasingly prevalent on TV and it’s a smart move by Twitter to utilize it. This sends a message to business organizations that Twitter has a unique way of promoting brands using its services.

Twitter’s Help Center has also fixed many issues relating to the Twitter and Facebook integration. Now, users can post directly on Facebook pages and also enjoy added services. Is Twitter marching ahead of its counterparts? Keep ‘Following’ to know.

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