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Twitter – Latest Advancements of Professional Network

Twitter is the considered to be the second major social and professional network which helps the people in many different ways. The social networking websites are continuously improving their platforms so that maximum users can utilize their benefits. There are some changes which are also identifiable on Twitter. According to the administrators, the webpage is simplified for the convenience of users and streamline the navigation. Users can simply click on the desired link and get all the relevant details or tweets about the issue. Another major change which is identifiable and common is the ease in discovering the people. People can easily control the tweets and messages from the people who are sending them disturbing messages on recurrent basis.

Following two dimensions of Twitter are considered to be the most important ones and these are preferred and admired by the users. According to some of the users, these are the only reasons of existence on Twitter.

Direct Access to Advertisements and Brands

People can simply manage their preferred brands and can track their updates. Whenever the companies launch new products, they try to inform the customers about these details and help them in several ways. In simple words, Twitter serves as a customer touch points for the companies and a direct link for the customers, to contact the desired brands. Moreover, people can provide feedback directly to the company which is very valuable for the socially responsible firms.

Access to Celebrities

There are various fan pages which are established by the people in major social networking websites but the best thing about Twitter is that all the famous celebrities have created their accounts in order to remain in touch with their fans. Thus people get a chance to know what is going on in the lives of their favorite celebrities.

Improvements in the TweetDeck

Twitter is one of the major professional networks where people belonging to several professions can interact and share their experiences. The previous version of the TweetDeck was heavy and involved time in loading. The administration of the website has taken measures for elimination of this drawback and facilitated the members with newest and simplest version. Although some of the users think that there is sufficient room for improvement but the overall goal is achieved. Now people can easily view and update their TweetDeck within the minimum time. This makes it compatible with the slow internet connections and mobile applications as well.

Twitter Applications

With the advancements in telecommunication industry, there are several mobile applications which provide opportunity to the users to use social networking websites on their handsets. Home tab is used for the notifications of tweets and people can simply go to their inbox for getting information about updates of professional network. In this manner, people need not to open up the web page again and again for knowing the details. Instead, the highlights will be directly sent to their inbox. For the services, a person needs to subscribe with the text messages through Twitter.

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