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Twitter’s Innovator’s Patent Agreement

Twitter took a path breaking decision last month to empower the engineers/designers with patent right and more importantly not to use it offensively.

The impact of decision is explained in 10 points:

  1. There will be no new era “James Gosling” worrying being sued for using his own creation. Remember when Oracle bought Sun’s IP of Java and sued Google, James Gosling who had created Java in Sun was working for Google.
  2. Designers will be more interested in creating new concepts as they now have incentive to own the IP, which earlier wrongly belonged to solely their employer
  3. Twitter will be less attractive to big guns that would love to acquire its IP and user base.
  4. Twitter will still have a connect with awesome innovators even when they quit their regular job at Twitter
  5. The Pull to Refresh IP (if & when granted) would not be used to sue umpteen numbers of companies.
  6. The twitter apps custom made for iOS, would not be Apple’s IP.
  7. Twitter will attract creamy layer of engineers and designers.
  8. Twitter is forcing an end to IP wars rampant in tech industry in present decade. (Google versus Oracle, Apple versus Samsung, Motorola versus Apple etc)
  9. The start ups which have sprung from ex-twitter employees would be inclined to be acquired back by twitter, as IPs would still remain with erstwhile start up
  10. Twitter is trying to garner support from open source community. This is clearly shown with Twitter being part of Google Summer of Code this year

Author Bio:- Vigneshwar works as an interaction designer for an Indian mobile app firm. He idolizes Don norman and wishes to start a design school in his native village someday.

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