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Twitter Dealio – Tips on Finding and Tracking Bargains on Twitter

This is guest article by Jessy Troy, She blog at DIY Gadgets, You can also write for TechMaish, Read Guest Blogging.

Are you often on Twitter? If so, you are most probably aware of various wicked Twitter clients and tools. So why not leverage that knowledge to budgeting as well? Here are a few bright ideas for you!

Out-of-the-Box Search Idea

Twitter’s sentiment search is an awesome way to find some killer deals.  Basically you’re searching for Tweets that “express an emotion”.  You can do that by using Twitter Search and filtering all Tweets with a smiley or a frown.

twitter dealio

Out-of-the-Bot Search Idea

Pretty self explanatory here… Twitter bots that help you find deals!

Twitter Bot What’s It Do? Side Note
ASKch Find and Compare Drug Costs
TinyMassive Compare Product Pricing Based on the site internal database
Buy it Later Get Alerted – Amazon Changes to Price or Availability of an Item Requires FireFox addon

Seesmic Power

While there are literally a ton of Twitter management clients you can utilize, Seesmic takes the cake in my book.  Just remember that you need Adobe Air to run it.

Here’s how you can put it to work for you in finding the best deals in the Twitterverse.

First obviously you’ll need to install Adobe Air and the Seesmic Desktop App.  Once installed you’ll need to configure your settings to notify you of new search results.  Do this by clicking Settings > Notifications and then placing a check mark next to Notify about new search results. Easy peasy.

Now all you need to do is run your search.  Use terms related to the product you’re intending to buy, plus deals, coupons, discounts, etc.  For example “iPad discounts.”

ipod discount

Once you search, it’s saved inside the app, and Seesmic will then send you a notification every time there is a Tweet containing the search terms you specified.

Deals from Twitter Accounts

Most coupon and deal aggregators streamline their updates to Twitter: they have a new Tweet once they add a new deal. This way you can easily track promo codes right in your favorite Twitter client!

Twitter account Update source Advantages
Amazon Amazon Official Amazon Deals
Coupon Sherpa Coupon Sherpa Freebies and Deals by Users

Quick tip! If you use Seesmic (which I have mentioned about), Tweetdeck or HootSuite, you can create a dedicated column for coupon accounts’ updates only – this way you monitor their updates more efficiently!