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Tug of War- Apple iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Sony Xperia Z

We all are quite acquainted with the ongoing rivalry between the Smartphone manufacturers in the present time. Apple and Samsung were pretty heard names in the battlefield and now came the Sony in the rivalry for the title of premium Smartphone manufacturer. The iPad mini and the Galaxy Note 8 represent the cream of the crop as far as the 8 inches is considered, but how would Xperia Z make a hold in the competition? Certainly, this is something that every tech savvy and even die-heart Sony fans will have their eyes set upon. Let us check out every bit of each contender to foresee who’s going to take away the title.

1. Design

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 acquits itself in a pretty decent manner that is capable of holding the eyeballs. The tapered edges are exactly opposite to what nowadays Smartphones have, squared edges. Size is perfectly trimmed and it is just 8 mm thick and feels just that right size along with right weight to be carried in one hand while you’re branding with stylus in other hand.

If we talk about the lovingly crafted iPad mini then certainly Note 8 might feel bit envious. There’s no match of a plastic body with that of iPad’s sleek glass and aluminum unibody areas. In something and everything iPad looks more classy and chic than Note.

Yet another contender is nowhere to be taken for granted. Xperia Z from Sony was the most awaited tablet is on its go. The carcass is bolted with a massive 10 inches display which bears a total of 6.9 mm thickness; the tablet is certainly the thinnest tab present in the market today. The company has packed marvelous engineering in device like this which is worth a cookie!

Apple iPad mini

2. Features

If it’s about the tablet then obviously the expectations that you will have will be at par. Some of the basic specs are common in every tab but what you need is that little extra that can make a hairline difference.

When you are wondering to pack a little extra then Samsung will surely not let you down as it packs couple of features that might be there on the iPad! First of all it’s the attractive stylus sets the entire things apart. It’s really fascinating talking about the stylus especially when you none other competitor bears the same! You have the power to write over the screen and also to pick couple of stuffs from it and drop it anywhere you like. Similarly, you can draw anything you like and share the same with people known to you on the social media and be popular. Apart from this, the tab also sports 16 GB of internal storage which can be further amplified up to 32 GB via external flash.

Galaxy Note 8

On the other hand, iPad mini also dares to have something extra in it which is worth mentioning. The first and the foremost is the legendary iOS that is optimized with this particular tablet only and none other. Now that means if you have an iOS you’re an Appleite of the Apple ecology. While other interesting features include FaceTime, Find my iPad, Siri, iMessage, AirPlay and iCloud and last but not the least you have an access to the AppStore where you can ride the oomph over the apps developed only and only for the iOS.

Not to forget Sony this is amid the toughest contender in the tablet marathon. It bundles abundant of useful apps that can swing your head from gears to overdrive. One of the liked apps is the Remote Control application that empowers you to use your tablet as a big bulky remote for almost all your devices for having a jiffy access to one and all. Probably you might not have expected one this way! Don’t you?

3. Performance

Now this could be a bit daunting task to evaluate the star performer as two of the three performers are designed to run on Android OS while the Apple, as understood runs on the iOS. Instead the better comparison be over their processors and RAM’s performance and trust me this is going to be really interesting.

Under the hood of the Note one will find amazingly powerful quad core processor set at a clock speed of 1.6 GHz that is partnered with mighty 2 GB RAM. So, holdups and lags were the topics of yesterday for a device like Note.

On the other side of the comparison table, Apple packs dual core A5 processor which slightly underperforms in comparison to that of Samsung. However, the standard RAM is equally low when compared with Note.

Sony on the last scale picks Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor set at a clock speed of 1.5 GHz which is further paired with 2 GB of standard RAM. Now this is interesting! Both the Android powered tablets have smashed the iOS! Not only this, the Xperia also cores an Adreno 320 chip for processing graphics and avid gamers will surely burn some tires now.

Sony Xperia Z


Since all the three contenders have held their guns out for the roulette, deciding which one is better than other is bit difficult. Of course, concluding the comparison chart with a tie is not a pretty good idea I bet. But unfortunately, it’s really a herculean task to decide which is better of the other when all the three are taking a lead in some or the other aspects. Even if I ‘am shoved to pick the stunner amid the three then also it wouldn’t be that easy! So all in all, the three tablets have hit off the charts perfectly and certainly this was a line drawing comparison which proved out to be a tie more or less. Probably, the users may have their own set of perceptions to go with a particular brand or OS and none of them will dismay the user at all.

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  • Mujtaba93

    August 3, 2013, 9:40 pm

    Its obvious that galaxy note 8 is the best. Ipad is also good, but many of us prefer android over iOs due to the large number of apps available.

  • Jacksmith

    August 2, 2013, 7:12 pm

    Hii Bilal
    Thank you for the wonderful post.All of the 3 tab have the amazing features to their best. Audience are really confused while buying.Apple lovers go for ipad..Samsung id the top most upcoming company for smartphones and Tab. Xperia come after Samsung and apple. So i think ipad will hit the market.


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