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Trusted Strategies to Differentiate your Blog from Others: Let other Blog Jealous

If you are looking to begin your own blog or else you are an owner of a blog that might not serving you great results. Then it might happen that you are not that much aware of the trusted strategies or you are doing few things that you should not do. You might adopt few options to turn your blog in to a money making angel for you .The first and foremost thing that every blogger should keep in his mind that he must not rely on others always try to improve and learn from other reputed bloggers as there is always a room for improvement in every field. And a sack cannot stand alone it always need some support hope you will able to grab and learn few basic things that will surely work for you all.

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Whenever some one lands to your blog then the person always thought of his own and what your blog may offer  to him so that he stay and advices other surfers to visit your blog .You will have to compel your visitors to stay on your blog by adopting trusted strategies from vivid bloggers. Undoubtedly you will receive a huge traffic and this would make you the happiest blogger or owner of a blog ever. If you have aimed to earn, to serve, to gain traffic ,online reputation and saving your blog from being destroyed then you must have to have a keen look on few things described below:

Using   friendly or personal Tone

Always use a friendly tone to engage your visitors as they visit your blog to gain some knowledge.Don’t be a so boring that it looks like that you are speaking in a corporate language. Use of simple English is the best option, don’t show off to your visitors that you are technical this may irritate your visitors and can harm your blog. Let the blog belongs to people and write for them just be personal what ever you write.

Respond to your blog lovers

You are advised to build a long term relationship by responding to your blog lovers this would also binds them to your blog. If you are only busy in monetizing and promoting your product review then it is obvious that you will loose your visitors. Try to provide value to your blog visitors or else you will loose your visitors and in turn will destroy your blog. Get set first and then try these stuffs such as monetizing any product or promotions.

Remove broken links from your posts:

This is one of the most important things to know as this might be helpful in drawing attention of your blog seekers. Let’s assume that some one is reading an informative post on your blog and he just clicked on a link to check for further information then if he finds a 404 error then this might be weird and he might harm your blog too. So with the use of tool  broken link checker make your posts free from broken links and it would be great for any blog owner that he might help any one in gaining information from his post.

Don’t steal other contents

Believing that you are intelligent is not a bad thing but with that if you have a perception that all other are foolish then you are also a foolish don’t ever try to steal contents to make your blog successful .This strategy is common among new bloggers to steal  others content and make use of it . It may turn hazardous to you as a blog owner as if some one caught you and find you using  plagiarized  content then they might file a complain against you under different acts such as copyright infringement, DMCA, etc.

Hope this strategies will work for you all looking and opting this you will surely grab a key to your successful blog.

Author Bio:- This is a guest post by Jaykrishna Yadav. Being a part-time blogger, He loves to learn and visit a blog that involves   Image capture and Screen Recording  solutions  .  His interest is in   writing informative articles, especially on web designing and search engine optimization. He also offers link building and organic SEO services.

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