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Trends that Will Revolutionize SEO In 2012

Every company aims to increase the traffic on their web page through SEO. Trends in advertizing, social marketing and online marketing have a direct impact on SEO. There are some trends, which will change the face of SEO this year.

SEO trends

  • Search rankings will be more reliant on humans in the future. This includes social media and quality testers that are more relevant to humans. Google has already begun incorporating this feature with its ‘real-time’ search. Links on social media will have a higher rank, while web page related links will rank lower. Search engines will turn to humans for ranking in the long and short term.
  • The focus on quality of web pages will rise considerably. Content will be expected to be fresh and relevant. Quantity will take the back seat as compared to the quality of web pages. Google’s Freshness Algorithm will filter sources that are fresh. Updating and rolling out new content will be central to SEO.
  • Speech and Mobile search will become more common and popular. You will be able to search for something by saying it out loud into your phone. Even if you are not using speech search, the mobile market will expand massively in 2012. Social networks and search engines will be more compatible with an increased number of phones. Digital marketing will rise in a big way with new technology and user-friendly software.

Search analytics trends

  • The focus will shift from ‘ranking for keywords’ to ranking for ‘conversion and relevance’.  Quality will be concentrated upon. Google has already started hiding keywords from Google Analytics.
  • Rankings will fade away gradually. This is already apparent with the appearance of blogs and latest news ranking higher on search engines. This trend will force SEO experts to use a more social and relevant approach.

Blogging trends

  • Corporate blogging will take on a new face. It will cease being a boring business forum and will transform into a platform where news and other interesting information is shared. Companies will adopt a more open approach and stop being commercially sensitive.
  • Micro blogs will see a massive increase because of sites like Tumblr and Stumble Upon. More and more people will begin sharing their experiences online through more than one social network’s.
  • Video and audio elements will be seen more frequently in blogs. There will be an increase in the web television network and, video-blogging and podcasting will continue to grow. Services like YouTube will become more common as more people turn to multimedia.

Social media trends

  • Facebook will probably face issues surrounding user privacy, in terms of it becoming too stringent. Rather than having more friends, people will begin to have lesser people on their lists. Some may even venture out into creating two separate accounts. This paired with the increasing popularity of other networks; Facebook might see a decrease in their members.
  • Google+ will continue to remain small. It might grow by a negligible amount, but businesses may find this social networking site appealing for creating brand pages and circles. These pages are similar to regular user profiles.

Author Bio:- This is a guest article by ZK who is the co-founder of podcasting blog Web Marketing Blog where accomplished writers and bloggers share their tips, strategies and stories.

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  • Reena Mathews

    March 24, 2012, 3:37 pm

    Really awesome post. So we have to be more cautious on blogging, there is a great future in this field.

  • Samson Abiodun

    March 18, 2012, 7:31 am

    That means there is going to be a big change in everything all around blogging, because even then blogs that do not stand firm will collapse, and SEO will have a very serious rule for ranking,except people get ready to adapt quickly. well i guess its just best to be prepared.
    Thanks for sharing


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