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Travel iPhone Apps – A Look at Five of The Best

If you have an Apple iPhone then you will be well aware of the benefits that it offers when you are out and about.

For calling, texting, instant messaging, social networking and even video chatting, it is tough to find a better smartphone to suit your everyday needs.

However, the rich application ecosystem supported by the iPhone is packed with additional programs that you can add to your handset in order to make life much easier when you are traveling.

Here is an overview of five of the best applications currently available from the App Store which you might consider downloading before jetting off abroad:


There are plenty of photography apps out there for your iPhone, but if you want to create an impressive and deep representation of the places you have been visiting using your handset’s camera then Photosynth might be a sensible option. It is free to download from the App Store and has a four-star rating based on user reviews.

Photosynth is essentially designed to let you create a full three-dimensional panorama made up of multiple images captured using your phone. It stitches these together and harnesses the integrated gyroscope and motion sensors of the iPhone to keep everything aligned correctly, making it the best app of its kind.


This app is geared towards pleasing those who are fans of hiking and biking across the wilderness. It is essentially a repository of hundreds of thousands of routes which you can take across some dramatic landscape. It takes advantage of the integrated GPS on board your iPhone in order to show you precisely where you are along a particular route.

The app has received a three-and-a-half-star rating based on over 700 user reviews and is also free to download. Part of the fun comes from the fact that it has social-networking integration, which means you can share your experiences via Facebook and Twitter as well as being able to add your own photos snapped along particular routes and see how others have fared.


Regularly cited as one of the top apps for people who are out and about and looking for something good to eat, Urbanspoon is simply designed to alert you to the best restaurants wherever you happen to be. It is free to download and has a four-star iTunes rating, with users citing its ease of use and comprehensive library of eateries as being the main benefits.

Getting Urbanspoon to find you a list of nearby restaurants is as easy as shaking your iPhone, although those who want a more directed experience can pull up a map which shows them the venues to which they are closest based on the iPhone’s GPS. You can also search by a specific type of food, look for cheap or high-class places and even reserve a table at the restaurants on offer, which means consulting a separate travel guide is not necessary.

Lonely Planet

Long known for producing some of the best printed travel guides in the business, you can now get Lonely Planet publications direct to your iPhone via a dedicated application. While the app itself is free to download, you will have to purchase guides from within it as separate transactions. Typical prices start from just £3.49 so you will not be paying a lot to get inside information on top destinations across the world.

Over 4400 users have given the app a three-star rating and because of the nature of the service it is always being augmented with new guides and information. Occasional offers will let you get cheaper guides and there are a few freebies available to help you experience what is in store if you pay more.


Keeping an itinerary of your travel plans is essential to enjoy a smooth experience, whether you are holidaying or being more adventurous with your overseas activities. However, sometimes it can be tough to keep track of this, particularly if you consign all of the relevant information to paper. The most recent iteration of the Tripit app allows you to collate all of your travel information in one place, including where you are going, where you are staying, what sights you are seeing and how you are getting around.

Tripit is particularly useful because it is able to automatically synchronise your plans across from your digital calendar on your iPhone. It can even keep your social-networking contacts up to date with your travel plans directly, which is convenient whether you are heading abroad for business or pleasure. The free iteration of the app has received four- and five-star reviews, while there is a paid-for subscription service costing around £30 which gives you even more functionality and is ideal for frequent flyers.

There are plenty of other travel apps to choose from via the iPhone’s App Store and many competing programs which might win your favour, so it pays to experiment and try out the latest services to see which suits your needs.

With so many free apps out there, turning your iPhone into your ideal travelling companion need not be costly or complicated.

Author Bio:- This article was researched and written by the team at TravelSupermarket.com, an online travel comparison site that offers cheap deals on holidays, flights, hotels, car hire and other travel extras.

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