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Toshiba’s Excite 10 SE Tablet – First Look

In this point in time, where compact computers are all the rage and practically everyone’s obsessing over making each version tinier than the last, Toshiba decided to do something different…make something for those of us, on whom these tiny gadgets are nothing but a strain for the eyes. Hence, the 10.1 inch ‘Excite 10 Tablets’ were launched.

After a successive run with its earlier Excite series (the Excite 10LE, 10, 7), Toshiba has launched the new and improved Excite 10 SE Tablet. It boasts of a range of ‘uber-incredible’ features that are targeted at ensuring that it’s all ‘smooth-sailing’ for the consumers.

Toshiba Excite 10 SE


  • The SE has a 10.1 inch, high-res (1280×800) AutoBrite, ‘scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass’ touch screen. This not only gives us a much more defined picture, but is also resistant to everyday mishaps that usually, in a ‘heart-stopping’ moment, nick the screen.
  • It has an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, with 16GB of internal storage. The NVIDIA’s designed to quicken the speed of the tablets performance. This results in a ‘longer-lasting’ battery life, and ‘smooth-functioning’ of the programs, i.e. you can play games, or watch movies, without it stalling mid-way.
  • The Excite 10 SE, unlike its predecessors, is powered by the ‘Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS’. The ‘Jelly Bean’ gives an over-all feel of swiftness, grace…in other words, it makes operating the Tablet, pretty much, effortless. It has the ability to make this device highly responsive. So one touch is all that’s required to boost it up, making our life all the more easier.

Also, it is easy to use by the visually challenged, as it has a ‘Gesture mode’ which allows one to operate the tablet with a combination of speech and gesticulation.

  • It has ‘auto-focus’ and ‘digital zoom’ integrated, front-and-rear cameras. The former being a 1.2 MP ‘HD’ camera, and the latter being a 3MP, one. This allows you to capture photos and videos of superior quality.
  • It has Stereo Speakers with an ‘SRS Premium Voice Pro’ feature that emanates crystal-clear audio.
  • The SE has an extensive array of ‘connectivity’ features like its 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, and the Bluetooth 3.0. It even has numerous ports like the Micro SD that allows you to transfer photos and videos from your camera, a Micro HDMI port to connect to your television, and of course, the Micro USB port.

You can also plug in your mouse, keyboard or your headset. It’s all possible.

  • It is about 0.4 inches thick, and weighs up to 1.4pounds.
  • The tablet has an aluminum casing, with a textured Fusion Lattice finish, that not only gives it a sleek and classy look, but also makes it extremely durable.
  • And, lastly, it is ‘graciously’ cost-effective.

With the new Excite 10 SE, Toshiba gives you one ‘mind-blowing’ gadget, that doesn’t even blow a hole in your pocket. It’s definitely one to watch out for.

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