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Top 10 App launched on Spotify

In today’s digital world, people don’t seem to be able to spend long without accessing a screen or some kind of binary stimulation. When out and about in cities, you can’t go five minutes without seeing someone tapping the screen of their smartphone or nodding their head to the beats coming from their in-ear headphones.  Whether it’s a light distraction from the outside world or a major part of their world, it seems that being inseparable from digital devices is an important part of contemporary living.

Spotify, the online music streaming website, changed the face of listening to tunes when they launched in 2008. They made it possible for anybody with an internet connection to freely and legally stream hundreds of thousands of albums from countless artists across all genres.

As with all things digital, Spotify is constantly evolving to stay contemporary and competitive and now there has been a fun new app launched on the site.

Top10 helps break down the barriers between strangers and allows people to share their music with those on the other side of the world.  The concept is beautifully simple – users create playlists of their Top10 songs in any genre and upload them for the world to see.

For instance, users of the app can collate their favorite ten songs for driving home in the evenings, their favorite ten work-out songs or simply their Top10 Beatles songs.

They can change the order as many times as they want and share their playlists on Facebook and other social networks, probably sparking debate on whether Paul McCartney’s songs or John Lennon’s were the better (I personally suggest George Harrison deserves far more credit!).

The app is really easy to use. It is intuitive and basic to navigate – it is just a case of deciding on the title of your Top10 list before dragging and dropping song names into the numbered box you feel the song deserves to rank.

The app figures out ultimate playlists from collections of all users’ own lists and subscribers receive notifications when these change.

The app encourages music fans to network with other users from around the world, sharing tastes and opinions. It also offers an easy way to come across thousands of songs you may not otherwise have heard of.

My advice is to log onto Spotify, download the app (it’s free!) and get listening. No more excuses that you don’t hear enough new music – it’s all there for you online!

Author Bio:- Michael is a freelance writer who has worked across a variety of digital and offline publications including The Times (UK) and Time Out. He loves music, technology and sport and regularly combines the three by using the Top10Spotify app to create playlists for his workout. His current favorite playlist is the Top10 Hip Hop songs to bounce to.

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