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Top Windows 8 Features That You Will Love

Windows 8 is the newest edition of Windows operating system. After the release of its preview edition, many reviews have conducted and the results are mostly positive. They considered Windows 8 as the future of impressive Windows editions.

Windows 8

Quick Boot Time

The best advantage of Windows 8 is the quick boot time and speed as compared to the recent predecessors of Windows. It is actually due to its better supply allocations to the system and applications. As compared to Windows 7 desktop you can expect that it will boot speedily. Another reason why it is effective is due to the fact that it uses an improved system to assure that it will perform faster.

Modern & Dynamic Desktop

Windows 8 is also very impressive due its unique and modern desktop. Its Metro UI or tiles-based, is very exceptional, it can be seen once you open the windows. It is also a great option for your Smartphones and tablets as they go very well. This is great because it will allow you to personalize your desktop when you use the application for organizing the apps.

Enhanced Search Function

As compared to the earlier versions of Windows, it can be a bit difficult to find the program you are looking for. Windows 8 does not have the traditional start menu but no need to worry for the reason that it has a search box, which allows you to find the apps and files you are looking for. As compared to the previous editions of Windows, you need to scroll one by one just to find the program that you need.

Easy to Carry Windows

Another impressive feature of Windows 8 is you can actually take it with you through USB flash drive. This is not possible with other versions or types of operating system for the reason that you need a disk with high capacity. In the case of Windows 8 you can carry the Windows all the time you want.

Finally, since there are only less issues associated with Windows 8, it is expected that this is the future of Windows. As it receives a lot of positive reviews, it is expected that the previous versions of Windows will be replaced with Windows 8 in the near future. On the other hand, you need to upgrade the specifications of your computer before you install it because there of the compatibility issues that may arise.

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