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Top 5 Video on Demand Services for 2013

Video on Demand has revolutionized the way we watch television. No longer do viewers have to endure painfully annoying television ads while searching through channels for something to watch. With Video on Demand everything you can possibly think of watching is right at your fingers tips, whenever you want it. It’s a bit like owning every one of your favourite movies and series on DVD. With the popularity of Video on Demand services over the last decade, and the incredible growth of online viewers who have switched from television services to Video on Demand, we’ve noticed a lot more VOD services popping up, especially in recent months. But which one is the best? What do they offer? How much do they cost? And which one should you sign up for? Well, here’s a list of the top 5 Video on Demand services available in 2013 and all they have to offer:

1# AT&T


Fresh on the market and offering an unbeatable price of just $5 per month, AT&T is launching a brand new Video on Demand service exclusively for their U-Verse customers. The service will allow subscribers access to over 1,500 movies to be accessed via TV, computer or any supporting wireless device. Creating yet another reason to sign up to U-Verse TV, competitors are in for a serious drop in customers once this service is officially available. The movie library will also be available via the U-Verse app on tablets and smartphones. AT&T has dubbed this new feature Screen Pack and says they will continue adding movies to the available library. Customers will be able to access Screen Pack via the U-Verse on Demand storefront, which is set to be redesigned and offer more accurate recommendations, which is definitely something customers can look forward to. The movies themselves will be mostly from big studios and will beupdated regularly. So, is it worth sticking with AT&T for this awesome new feature? We’ll let you decide.

2# Netflix


Netflix is most people’s old favourite when it comes to Video on Demand. With one of the largest streaming content libraries available on the net and millions of subscribers, Netflix is definitely at the top of its game, but does it deserve to be there? Let’s find out. It’s available on PC/Mac, mobile devices and connected devices like Apple TV and PS3 or Xbox. So there’s a viewing option for any kind of tech-head out there. Streaming plans start at $7,99 a month and work their way up, depending on what you want available and how much you’re willing to spend. The great thing about Netflix is that you can cancel your subscription at any time, so there are no 12 month ties or commitments. Netflix hosts a wide variety of new and old films and a huge selection of TV shows, but they do tend to remove titles without any notice which can be a bid frustrating.

3# Hulu


The best part of Hulu is that streaming is 100% free on the non-premium accounts. Although it is an ad-supported service, a few ads is a small price to pay for free TV shows, movies and webisodes whenever you want them. Hulu also offers a great social networking feature where you can share the videos you watch on Facebook.

4# Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

The great thing about Amazon Video on Demand is that you can buy your favourite movies on an a la carte basis which then get stored on your Amazon account. Also, Amazon runs frequent seasonal specials on their movies and offer over 75, 000 movies and TV shows. If you’re looking for a Video on Demand service that caters for your mobile device, Amazon Prime is probably not the right option for you as their mobile support is rather limited. Amazon even throws in free two day shipping for any of your Amazon purchases and a free kindle book to “borrow” each month when you sign up. Great deal! For $79 for the whole year, it’s a great choice if you’re a regular Amazon user.

5# M-Go


Self-proclaimed as the “people friendliest” VOD service available, M-Go offers to find any movie you want, even if it’s doesn’t offer it. It also has a great easy to use interface and an even greater suggestions feature that figures out what you like, and shows you things they think you’ll love. It’s family-friendly as it lets you set up up to 5 profiles per account. Buy or rent movies or TV series as you go and enjoy hours of entertainment.

Author Bio:- This article was provided by James Weaser. James is an expert in software developing. Now he is working on free DVD copy software.

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