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Top Video Apps for Android and iPhone Users

Have you imagined todays world with stunning colorful smartphones? Both iPhones and Android rolled out a new mobile market with the help of creative designers. One more impressive thing about mobiles is the easy access of powerful  apps that are now easily available to users.

There are a number of useful apps that help mobile users, designers and videographers a lot. Plenty of the camera and video apps in the mobile market confuse you in choosing the right one. So, if you are crazy of editing, modifying videos, photos, family pictures, then pick up the best one that suits your needs from the list I recommend.


1) Foxy Photo Editor

Foxy Photo Editor is the most powerful photo editor app for Android mobile users. With advanced features, it has everything you would like to do with your pictures to create stunning images. If you are interested in using Android to retouch photos then download this app that features a variety of editing tools like flip, rotate, clone, shades, color, clip arts, special effects, filters, shadows, watercolor images and many more.

2) Time-Lapse

Make more fun videos with this Time-Lapse app. Feel the stunning effects. Record a video and watch it using this app, then upload to YouTube and share it. Use free VLC media player to best view videos in computer with this app. It’s recording format is not supported in other video play software.

3) Video SlideShow Maker

If you know PowerPoint presentations, this app is pretty straightforward to use. This app allows you to exhibit all your videos in mobile  under one video presentation. If you have found a multimedia content in your phone, then you can easily personalise your video slideshows. Make necessary enhancements to your photos and play a video slideshow with this app. One more feature to know is it allows you to add music and text to your video presentation. You can even set certain time gap for each slide to show. Your video presentation can be saved to MP4 file format and can be uploaded to YouTube.


1) Photo Box

Frame your pictures more fun and impress your friends with your creativity. If you are a keen photographer, this app makes you exploit spectacular views that are highly recommended. Have more images then give a few touches to make them look different with filters.

2) Tiltshift

Want to focus objects near and far, then go for Tiltshift app. With this new technique and software, you can focus on a small area blurring the surroundings. Create  appealing photos with remarkable effects just to show off your talents in photography.

With improving technology, people are becoming more crazy in adapting new things in the changing world day by day. There are few more downloadable video apps, but here I am suggesting the best among them that are worthy. Mobile users can even have a chance to move to another app, which they could easily use. Here, comes the internet, the most powerful market that encourages you to look upon plenty of apps for your Android/iPhone. Have you ever tried these apps? Then, hurry up to download and find more joy. If you would like to express views on these apps or suggest any more apps, please free feel to share your valuable words here in the comment section.

Author Bio:- The author is a tech blogger and social media freak who likes to share info on the latest tech mobiles, mobile news, mobile trends, mobile selling tips, tricks for mobile phone recycling. For more information on mobile recycle click here.

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