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Top Three Processors for Stock Trading Computers Reviewed

It’s important for day traders to have stock trading computers that are packed with high quality processors. The CPU is the heartbeat of computers and without a good heart, you won’t get very far in the rat race. There are many different processors to choose from today, but there are only a select few models that you should take notice to. Here is a trading computers review of the top three processors on the market today.

Fastest and Most Reliable Processor for Traders

If money is no matter to you and you want the absolute best on the market for stock trading computers, then you’ll want to search for the i7-990X Extreme. This is the most expensive processor, but it’s the fastest and most powerful available to the consumer market. It comes with six cores, 12 threads and has a speed that starts at 3.46 GHz. But it doesn’t stop there, it is known to have a max turbo speed at 3.73 GHz. If you’re not familiar with cores and threads, just know that the more you have, the more power and speed your processor will have.

Best Flagship Trading Computer Processor

If you’re looking for power, without having to spend top dollar, then your best available option (the recommended one) would be the i7-2600k. This has about 15% less power than the i7-990X, making it the third fastest processor available to consumers. Traders will find that this is the best deal when it comes to getting speed and affordability. Technically speaking, this comes with four cores and eight threads. The clock speed is 3.4 GHz and has a turbo boost that extends to 3.8 GHz.

Minimum Speed for Stock Traders

If money is a problem for you, then you shouldn’t go any lower than this next processor. The absolute minimum speed that you should have for your stock trading computer is the one offered with the i7-950. It too has four cores and eight threads, but the clock speed starts at 3.06 GHz and reaches a turbo boost at 3.33 GHz. It isn’t highly impressive, but it will get you where you need to go for now. Once things start to turn around for your day trading, you can upgrade your trading computer to one that has a better processor. If you can afford it, go for the i7-990X.

Hopefully this trading computers review will help you with finding the perfect one for your home or office. One thing’s for sure – once you have everything set up with quality components, you won’t suffer from common mishaps that other not-so-lucky traders tend to have. To find out more about buying stock trading computers, you can visit TradingComputersOnline.com for a free guide.

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