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Top Social Media Methods You Should NEVER Use

Social media marketing and promotional methods are being popular and famous because these have potential to provide the users so many online services and facilities. For example the online link building is a common trend and requirement for ideal online working so the social networks are being used to accomplish this task. However, there are some methods that have developmental as well as detrimental effects on online working. Just pick the point by focusing on the saying that if the social networks can be used for the betterment and improvement so these can also be used for the unenthusiastic and detrimental purposes. If you are using the social media for the online business improvement and development then take care because anytime any method can turn into harmful method either for you or other online businessmen.

Viral marketing; it should be avoided

The social media are popular for viral marketing. The linkedin is one of the best examples that are being used for the viral marketing. This social network is considered best place for the spammers. The people who are using the social networks for spamming can damage your business working and services. If you have ideas to use the viral marketing then you should be careful because it doesn’t have good recognition in the online world. So the users should never use this method as it will bring negative impacts rather than producing good reputations.

Information posting; don’t reveal too much about press releases

It usually happens that the users posts news and releases on different social networks. However, it could be damaging for you. Care is required when revealing information and knowledge on social media. The people usually publish much information about the upcoming technologies. This practice is not good but the people become excited after getting positive feedbacks and comments on first posts so they start to post more lengthy descriptions that contain fluffy wording and fillers. This practice reduces the rating because of controversial posts. It may happen that the predictions don’t match with your posts and releases so the readers will not trust on contents given by you.

Free speaking platforms; don’t use your personal views and voices

Social media methods allow the users to speak freely but the users who are using these methods for commercial purposes should not feel free because they have to care of their online statuses and rankings. The social media users should avoid imposing their personal thoughts and ideas on the readers. Remember, there will be different readers including many experts who have their own ideas and references so always post the information with authentic sources. It means the expression of personal image and believes is not beneficial and it should never be used.

Quality customer care; worsening quality and customer care

Don’t worsen the quality of customer care services. The social networks offer great packages to deal and interact with the customers so use it for the improvement of customer care services. You should never use this method for worsening quality of services and customer care.

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  • Jeff Gross

    November 2, 2011, 7:40 pm

    Agree with tips above. Social media pros must take care about client’s reputation. Social networks are huge potential for spreading “good voice” about your business or project, and can be great danger if you became too offensive in your campaign. Linkedin is heaven for spammers, unfortunately. I saw a lot samples that proves your words. Every Social Media Pro should read this post.


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