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Top SEO Plug-in for Bloggers Who Want to Make It to the Top

These days, Global Blog Sphere contains more than 200 million blogs. For making position in this sphere you must use Word press and must enrich it with huge amount of SEO plug-in. Like early days, SEO is not a big deal for today’s bloggers. Bloggers with OFF LATE find huge interest in SEO for driving enormous traffic and increasing the rank of your blog. Yes, it’s true that your blog must be ranked high in SERP’s.

For new users and for regular bloggers doing SEO by manual method is not a simple task. At least the blogger must have few years of experience but SEO Plug-in comes to rescue. Below are few SEO plug-in which every blogger must use.

  1. Platinum SEO Pack:  This is a very valuable multifunctioning SEO plug-in. This includes all types of SEO of Word Press blog. It also optimize meta descriptions, post tiles, 301 redirections for changes fixed structure, meta tags, add index, do follow, no follow, do follow attributes, indexes etc. one good thing is that you can easily use this plug-in with all SEO packs because here all features are common.
  2. SEO Ultimate: Along with the optimization of titles it includes Meta keywords, no-follow managers, Meta descriptions, 404 monitors and slug optimizer.
  3. All in One SEO Pack: This SEO pack is also known as mother of all SEO pack. This is also the most downloaded plug-in with a download count of 10,860,913. This also have an easy to use interface which attracts lots of newbie’s. This plug-in is darling of all Word Press users because it contains all features of SEO.
  4. Word Press SEO Plug-in by Yoast: The best word which can be assigned to this plug-in is “ULTIMATE”. Along with features of SEO, this plug-in includes XML features, breadcrumbs, .htaccess files, Editrobots.txt files; sitemaps ans also cleans the head section.
  5. Smart SEO Word Press Plug-in: The premium pack of this plug-in cost around 20$. So it seems that this Plug-in for SEO is for advanced users. SEO rules can be set by using this plug-in. A smart SEO score is set by using this plug-in. This also helps in promoting your website.
  6. 5 sec Validation: Cost of this SEO plug-in is around 8$. So if you are a SEO savvy webmaster then this SEO plug-in is only for you. This also validates CSS and HTML errors from W3C and also gives suggestions for various corrections. It also validates your blog post, taxonomies and pages with a great efficiency. Also this plug-in is very fast and takes only few minutes for finishing the job.
  7. W3 Total Cache: The importance of Fast loading websites is not hidden from the webmaster. It makes word press blog faster and thus improves the experience of user by objects, database and caching browser. If you are searching for CDN then this plug-in is only made for you. So here, faster website means high rank on Google SERP’s and thus it attracts more traffic.

Author Bio:- This is a guest post by Mr. Sourav ghosh. For assistance visit    Allcovered.com  that’s the  Best  IT company and provides quality assurance and support

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  • Ashwani Kumar Singh

    October 8, 2012, 8:56 pm

    Thanks Bilal for your Kind help…..

  • Ashwani Kumar Singh

    October 7, 2012, 11:27 pm

    Thanks Bilal for your help…Are you saying that I can use both of them together…????? Please clarify….Thanks….

    • Bilal Ahmad

      October 7, 2012, 11:49 pm

      Ashwani@ I am not sure if you can use both because both has almost the same features. So my suggestion will be to use only 1 at a time, because there features can clash with each other. It is more safer approach i guess..

  • Ashwani Kumar Singh

    October 7, 2012, 8:28 pm

    Hey Bilal thanks for this useful post..but I have q query …I have read at many websites that All in one seo and Wordpress Seo by Yoast are the best …but I am confused that which one out of the two should I prefer…….
    your fast help wouyld be appreciated…Thanks……..

    • Bilal Ahmad

      October 7, 2012, 8:33 pm

      Ashwani@ You can use both, because both have different features that can help in the overall SEO of your Blog. However make sure to use the same feature in 1 plugin at a time. For example if you have blocked Tags through All In One SEO for you blog, then don’t block it through Yoast plugin. It will confuse the bots.

      Hope my answer helped.

  • Anderson

    September 21, 2012, 3:28 pm

    Once again, an amazingly useful post! I am using a Genesis theme and it comes SEO ready, or so I understand. Do I still need the SEO pack? #5 was recommended to me recently and I hadn’t thought too much about performance before, but guess a double reco means I should download that one too. Thanks again Bilal Ahmad- now to recommend your post on Twitter……


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