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Top 5 Security Trends Every Business Should Know

Business security is a growing concept, so much so that Blackberry recently acquired British cybersecurity company Encryption to launch its own security consultancy. Both, small and large corporations face the threat of data breach and malware attacks by hackers that abound the internet. Keeping your business secure is the top priority and could cause some serious damage if overlooked.

Bigshot companies are coming up with highly sophisticated security systems that can give your business an edge over malware attacks. However, in today’s ultra-fast world, you must be updated about all the rumblings that are going around. It is critical to ensure that you are in line with various security trends that are making big headlines out there.

Security Trends for Business

Following are the top 5 security trends that you should know if you run a small, mid-size, or large organization:

1:- Brace yourself for a bigger breach

2014 was known as The Year of the Breach. In 2015, there were even bigger breaches. So, what’s in store for 2016? Most experts agree that new digital threats are incoming from the hackers and they are about to cause some serious damage, which would lead to exploitation of personal information.

2:- More threat to mobile networks, VPNs, and roaming users

Securing the network today is a growing challenge. The number of accessing devices is limitless and the extending connectivity is making network security all the more vulnerable. On the top of all that, the connect-from-anywhere facility simply leave no stone unturned in making network security extremely porous. Your cybersecurity strategy needs to consider how to secure this platform too and not just the office perimeter.

3:- Startups are becoming easy targets

The fact that they have limited resources that are not readily available makes them the easiest target for attackers. Hackers often like to target businesses that are not equally capable as large organization in tackling data breaches. Their inability and lack of surplus resources can make them easily succumb to the demands of the cyber criminals.

4:- Malware will target the cloud

According to Tom Byrnes, CEO of ThreatSTOP, “It’s only a matter of time until the cloud becomes the target of malware as well”. The pace at which everything is slowly getting upgraded to the cloud server is making hackers reposition their attacks and target something that acts as a hub of everything. The fact that information is stored in the cloud these days gives hacker ample reasons to target it instead of individual PCs or databases.

5:- Internet of Things challenge will continue

The Internet of Things will continue to create new security concerns. Everything, from a coffee machine to AC is connected these days which creates its own vulnerabilities. Using features to ensure that devices are sheltered from each other’s network is the only way to deal with this issue.

If you have gone through the aforementioned points and is also thinking about installing a good quality anti-malware for your business, that doesn’t means you should stop worrying. Mobile technology, growing use of personal devices, SaaS, etc., impose a threat to your business security on a daily basis.

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