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Top Reasons Why SEO Strategy Fail

SEO strategy needs to be developed with care so as to avoid failure in the near future. There are few mistakes that many new bloggers or site owners make in developing SEO strategies that eventually result in failure of the websites.

SEO Strategy Fail

Reasons for Failure of SEO Strategy

  • The first main reason for the failure of SEO strategy is that many newcomers try to compete with well established sites for the same keywords. Some SEO companies claim that they can turn any web site into high ranked site for any keyword which is in fact fallacy and nothing more. It is very difficult to compete with the reputation of well established sites. Therefore, you would be better off selecting those keywords for your site which have little competition.
  • Secondly, it is very important that you keep a close eye on the current happenings. People’s likes and dislikes for products and politics keep changing with time so it is vital that you keep up with their trends and change keywords in your site according to the trend of the people. SEO professionals need to be completely in touch with new trends. They also need to know about the keywords that most people are likely to search. Thirdly, if you are a site owner then you need to keep in touch with SEO strategy along every step of developing and maintaining the web site. So, if you bring changes to your site then you should also incorporate SEO strategy into those changes.


  • You should also be moderate in placing keywords in the content because stuffing the content with keywords would do your site no good. People will not only find such an article extremely boring but also it is likely that Google will ban such a site. It is therefore advisable not to exceed the keyword density from 3 to 4 %.
  • It is vital that you select those SEO consultants that know your business very well and also familiar about progress of your competitors as well. They also need to be familiar with the keywords that you intend on using. Therefore, you should eliminate ambiguity by clearly stating the purpose of your business.
  • Link spamming may also result in failure of SEO strategies. Link spamming arises out of your desire to build many links in a short period of time. You should allow link building to occur naturally instead of using the black hat techniques.
  • Lack of involvement of client in development and implementation of SEO strategy is a root cause of its failure. You just cannot hand over all the process of developing strategy to the consultant and walk away from it. You need to give your input in the strategy for it to work effectively for you.
  • Lastly, you should realize the fact that SEO cannot help you if your business is already in debt and is about to fall like nine pins. SEO can only help you if you are already earning average income from your site. It can improve the rank of your site but it cannot perform miracles.

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