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Top Reasons Why Bloggers Fail

With advancement in information technology, more and more people are adopting blogging as part time job. You cannot rely totally on blogging to earn you big bucks if you are an inexperienced blogger. If you are a good blogger then you can definitely adopt it as full time job. To perform the task on full time basis you need to put as much time and energy in this job as you would do with any other full time job. If you have little experience of blogging then there are few mistakes which you can make.

why bloggers fail

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Common mistakes in blogging

  • The most common mistake that most bloggers make is to choose the wrong topic for their blog. This is a mistake with very serious consequences. You need to be in love with what you are doing. For this reason you need to pick up a topic on which you can write frequently and with ease without feeling burden and stress because maintaining a blog is not an easy thing to do.
  • Some people who are new to blogging also make tedious attempts on writing and updating many blogs at a time which is perhaps not a smart thing. With so many different blogs, it is very difficult to give proper attention to each blog. It is always a wise thing to compromise on quantity instead of quality. People want quality writing on the blog, when they stop getting that they will also stop visiting your blog. People who try this method to become famous fail miserably more often than not.
  • 90% of first time bloggers forget to rely on quality writing for the success of blog rather they turn to SEO software to improve the ranking of their site. Some bloggers also resort to link building and guest posting for the promotion of their site which is foolishness to the limit of insanity because only quality writing can give your blog popularity and large audience.
  • Fourthly, you should give due importance to proper placement of ads on your blog. Advertisements are of use only when they attract the reader’s attention. You should give due attention to attracting more subscribers to your blog.

If you are an inexperienced blogger then you should on one hand avoid too much dependence on SEO and on the other hand you can also take help from it to improve the ranking of your blog by checking the keyword density in the articles. You can also beat the strategies of your competitors by using SEO software. You can take a lot of help from SEO without placing too much reliance on it and accepting it as a staircase to popularizing the blog.


You can become famous by avoiding these mistakes. These mistakes contribute to your failure. If you want to become famous blogger then you should keep your desire to become famous by adopting shortcuts in check. You should also know that doing so many different things too frequently may not yield the desired result.

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  • Ritesh @ TechSpacia

    October 9, 2011, 6:19 pm

    nice article Crystal. This article will surely help me to survive in blogging. thanks for sharing this nice post.


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