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Top Productive Android Apps For 2012

With its amazing features, capabilities, apps and functions, it interests many mobile users. Android is the best choice for both kinds of people like tech-savvy users who wants to opt Android rather than iPhone as well as regular mobile users who prefer a smart handset at an affordable price. Every year rocks on with latest Android apps and it is the time to get more out of productive apps in 2012.

Here is the list of 6 apps for mobile users that help them be trendy along with keeping resolutions throughout the year.

1 -> Evernote

Evernote is an amazing note-taking app. With this Evernote app, it is easy to keep everything in sync like Dropbox. All your notes, files and images can be made available on all devices you use. You can save photos recorded with audio, web-pages, images and text. Share your notes with your friends, colleagues and neighbors. You can save all your travel documents, plans, maps and tickets so that you can have them when you need.

User Rating – 4.7/5

Price – Free

Android Version – 1.6+

2 -> Call Trunk UK

Record your outbound phone calls with the hottest 2012 Android app namely Call Trunk UK. It is the next generation app, launched by Calltrunk company, bringing integrated phone call recording systems to the most popular smartphones around the world. Whatever the device you are using you can record all phone calls as well as store them safely and securely with this fast, simple and flexible app.

User Rating – 4/5

Price – Free

Android Version – 2.1+

3 -> Cordy Sky

With the success of Cordy game, a new series 3D game of Cordy Sky was released and it is likely a revelation to the Android Market. With its new platform and high quality graphic, it is an amazing, colorful and most addictive for active players. This featured app is free to download and cost you little penny to unlock adventure modes. Available in eight languages, it is racking a lot of boosters from all parts of the world.

User Rating – 4.4/5

Price – Free

Android Version – 2.2+

4 -> Seesmic

Seesmic app allows Android users to manage multiple social networks like and Facebook twitter accounts. For its simple and clean user interface, Seesmic is one of the favourite app in the Android market. It is well designed and easy usage. Exciting new features and other enhancements are waiting for you to make your online experience much more beneficial.

User Rating – 4.3/5

Price – Free

Android Version – 1.5+

5 -> MobileBiz Pro

Are you in search of the best app for simple cash and business invoice transactions, then get ready to use this MobileBiz Pro app. It is the most flexible and professional sales and billing app enriched with amazing features. This small invoicing business tool creates and sends customisable PDF invoices from your Android phone.

User Rating – 4.7/5

Price – Free

Android Version – 2.0+

6 -> Pageonce Pro

It is a money and bills Android finance app. It is a new way to see money. Track to pay your bills securely from anywhere and at any time easily. You can receive bill date remainders, get important account notifications, real-time alerts about accounts, monitor bank transactions and view account statements.

User Rating – 4.5/5

Price – Free

Android Version – 2.0+

Android is the most powerful and popular mobile platform bringing the entire power of Googoe and web into your hands. With the addition of various apps, your Android powered gadget is beyond smart and stylish. The above listed Android apps makes you discover a new world mobile trends. Please share your views in the comment section below.

Author Bio:- Prazynoth is a professional technical writer with years of experience in producing quality articles on mobile technology and latest mobile trends. I am very much interested to write articles on topics like mobile trade in, sell mobile for cash, tips for mobile phone recycling, latest mobile reviews, news on tech gadgets, recovery tips on old mobiles, and many more.

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