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Top Predictions For the New Kindle 4

If you’re a part of the growing legions of e-reader adepts, then rejoice! You should know that it’s a matter of months before this market is once again stirred, as well as the hearts of Kindle fans worldwide.

While Amazon has appointed no official confirmation at the time of writing, truth of the matter is the much anticipated Kindle 4 will likely take place before the end of 2011.

kindle 4 screen shot

Why is that so? All previous iterations of the Kindle have been released at intervals between 14-18 months. If the new Kindle sticks to the average, then it should be available by August-December 2011.

Features we’d like to see on the new Kindle

In case you’re wondering “why a new Kindle, anyway?” … consider this; even though the Kindle 3 certainly is an amazing device, it does have a few shortcomings – which will likely be addressed in the upcoming e-reader from Amazon. As such, here are the top features most users would like to see in the new model:

5 – SD card slot: Sure, you can already carry three to four thousand non-illustrated books in the Kindle 3, and that sure is a lot of reading material. But still, the capacity is not nearly as impressive when you stuff your e-reader with illustrated PDF files (which tend to be significantly larger than regular books in AZW format). The solution? Bring back the SD cart slot that was available in the original Kindle, and let users get all the storage space they need!

4 – Faster processor: The point of e-readers is just reading, and as such there’s no point in featuring a faster processor. Right? Wrong!  While the Kindle does excel as a dedicated e-book reader, it includes certain features which are often hindered by its sluggish processor; most notably the awesome search function, which is often too unresponsive to be really useful, even after all contents in the device have been fully indexed.

3 – Touchscreen display: Amazon recently acquired a company that specializes in e-ink touchscreen technology, which means there’s a good chance the new Kindle could feature such innovation. Such a feature may not sound incredibly useful for this kind of device, but it will certainly be being able to flick pages around. Plus, the absence of an analog keyboard should allow making the screen a bit larger while keeping the current form factor. And speaking of which…

2 – Slightly larger screen: Sure, there’s already the Kindle DX, with its 9,8” screen. But to be honest, that device is too large and too expensive. We feel the best size for the Kindle screen would be somewhere in between the two currently available models. If Amazon would come up with an 8” model with a casing that’s roughly the same size as the Kindle 3, and roughly the same price… it would totally annihilate the competition.

1 – Color display: It’s not the black and white screen on the Kindle is not sexy or efficient enough. It’s not that we’re hoping the future Kindle will try to compete with the iPad(we certainly hope it never does). Thing is, color can be useful when you’re reading graphics and charts, as well as several other scenarios. Plus, the new e-Ink Triton color screens are already available, and even though their color quality is not brilliant, it certainly is a step up from 16-shades of grey. As such, it’s very much possible indeed that Kindle4 will be the first color e-reader from Amazon!

What would *you* like the new Kindle to be like?

What do you think of this wish list? Are there any other features you’re hoping will be included in the kindle 4? Can you think of anything else that would make this device even better? If you have any thoughts on the matter, you’re much welcome to join the discussion below. Have fun reading and commenting, and stay tuned to the latest rumors on the brilliant Amazon Kindle device.

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