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Top IPhone Applications for College Students

An I-Phone is a multimedia and internet enabled smart phones first introduced into the market way back in 2007. Apple incorporation is the company that usually markets this devices and its CEO is the person who came up with the first ever I-Phone on the 9th of January 2007 and the I-Phone was released on the 9th of June 2007. The Apple incorporation worked together with AT&T mobility in order to come up with this great device. It was introduced during the MacWorld 2007 convention at Miscode Center in San Francisco.

I-Phone have been categorized into generations and we have 5 generations of I-Phone the original one being the GSM phone. This I-Phone was built in a way that it had a unique button placement and screen size which is still used in all the other models. Then we have the I-Phone 3G which has 3G cellular network and AGPS location. The third type was the 3GS I-Phone which is known for a faster processor, a compass and a higher resolution camera with video recording of 480p.  The fourth one is the I-Phone 4 which has a front facing camera and rear facing camera (720 p video). Lastly is the I-Phone 4s which is known for perusing the camera which have the high resolution with video recording, stabilization of video, detecting face, several standard support of wireless and double core processing.

The Top I-Phone applications

I-Phones Apps are not only good for entertainment purposes but they also perform a number of functions that are beneficial to college students. There are several student I-Phones apps and so we will look for some top and supreme I-Phones apps for them.

The first one which every student must embrace is called sparkly App and it allows them to browse literary works from the various websites. It format is made in the way which has the table of contents making is easier to view notes.

The mathematics Lite is another unique application for students especially those who have mathematical problems. They can help you solve your mathematical problems in just the same way that your tutor does.

The third top I-Phones apps for students are known as the word elite app. Word elite shows a student a new word each day and its meaning. For students who want to enrich their vocabulary and to be good in English then word elite are for them.

The fourth top I-Phones is known as my home work app and just as the name suggests it helps a student with his homework. It helps in organizing his or her homework enabling him or her to view his or her schedule for doing the homework or project tasks. It has a calendar that keeps student as updated on the time required for them to submit their work.


From the few I-Phones apps that we have mentioned, we have learnt that they are of great benefit to students. This are just a few of them, there are several. They have brought education closer to students and they can now learn from anywhere and at anytime when they want to.

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