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Top Google Apps for Education

If you are managing or are a part of an educational institution that does not have a dedicated online system for mail, calendar and other such online activities, Google is the company that you should choose. Google Apps for Education is exclusively meant for educational institutions only and there are a lot of features that are exclusively designed for educational needs.

Common Apps

The most common of these educational apps is the set that involves Gmail, Google docs, Google Calendar, Google sites and Google Video for Education. While Gmail, docs and calendar are fairly self explanatory, the other two are a little more specific to Google Apps for Education.

While Google Sites offers a platform for the users to create and launch their own website (all the coding and design assistance is provided along with the server to host the site), Google Video for Education is a completely new concept. This feature allows professors to record their lectures and post them online through their user accounts. While this will help the students who have missed classes, it is also a great way to revise the lessons. Also, there can be other forms of educational videos which the students can use to their advantage.

Google Blogger

Blogs are an important part of growing up in today’s world and they give the students a platform to express themselves. Blogging is not only a way to enhance one’s creativity but also gives the students an outlet to express their views and get others’ take on it.

Google Chrome Web Store

This is the ultimate Google store for online cloud applications. Cloud computing is perhaps one of the most innovative technologies developed during the decade and a lot of companies and individuals have been using it efficiently. This will give the students an opportunity to get a firsthand experience of cloud apps.

Google +

Google’s answer to Facebook, Google+ is a social networking site that offers a unique experience that you cannot find on any other social networking platform. After Orkut was completely annihilated by Facebook, ‘Google +’ is another attempt to establish Google in social networking. Students can stay in touch with their teachers and fellow students using this tool.

Google Talk

Although this seems to be a more generalized app, Google talk is a great way for students to ping each other. Google has also added the video chat feature for video calls and you also have the option of transferring files to each other through this.

Author Bio:- Penny is an expert with Cirrus Insight. Her interests lies primarily in writing and she loves to write about internet technology and marketing. Cirrus Insights provides Google apps for better CRM.

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  • kashim

    October 13, 2012, 10:49 pm

    This google apps are really usefull for
    education and for a student also.

  • kasjim

    October 13, 2012, 10:47 pm

    This google apps are really usefull for education and for a student also.

  • sumit kumar

    October 11, 2012, 4:29 am

    good collection of Goggle apps for student.


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