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Top Five iOS 6 Tips and Tricks

iOS 6 is the latest operating system for iPhone developed by Apple Inc. Iphone 5 has iOS 6 and in this post i want to share some of the tips and tricks you can try on your iphone.

Browse the Internet with Safari in full screen

With the new Improvements of Safari browser, surfing the Internet has never been more comfortable. One notable feature is iOS 6 now offers Internet browsing in full screen mode, the only thing you need to do is to switch the iPhone to landscape mode and press the Full Screen icon located in the extreme right bottom . By clicking on the arrows at the left bottom, you can return or browse forward to the pages you’ve visited. To exit Full Screen mode, just simply press the icon again.

Post a message on Facebook or Twitter with one click

In IOS 6, the two giant social networking groups Facebook and Twitter are fully integrated. Indeed, it is now possible to quickly post a tweet or post a Facebook status without the need to open the application. First Open the Centre notifications tab from the home menu. Select Facebook or Twitter by pulling it down and choosing one from the dropdown list. By entering your message and with one click of a button, you can quickly send a message on either Twitter or Facebook. (As long as you have configured your Twitter and Facebook accounts).

ios 6 tips

Answering an incoming call by SMS

With iOS 6, it is possible to answer an incoming call by a simple personalized SMS . Once the custom messages are configured in Settings app , you can now respond  to a incoming phone call with a simple message or by a finger gesture at the top of the phone icon at the bottom right (in the same way as to open the camera from the lock screen) and then press “Reply with message”.

Add photo / video directly into e-mail without using the Photos application

add photos ios6

Previously, you had to manually copy a photo or video, or select it from the storage to insert/attach it into an e-mail.  You can directly add photo or video by Holding the hair pin logo until you see a small back menu .Using the arrows, just select ” Insert image or video ” Once the selected photo or video, Voila!  It appears as an attachment in e-mail.

Author Bio:- Gautham a is apple freak and a admirer of Steve Jobs, He blog at TechMinto and recently made a list of Cheap iPhone 5 deals for christmas

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