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Top Facebook Apps for Webmasters

Facebook happens to be one of the biggest social media networking portal all around the globe and it has become one of the best approaches especially when you want to get yourself noticed. it does not make any difference if you are working as a web developer or designer or anything else; You can make use of Facebook as it offers numerous great features to network and connect with your clients as well as keep them informed about your latest workings and deals. In this post, I will list down the top Facebook apps for webmasters that are exceedingly useful and certainly will help you expand your brand or business more than how it actually is.


This happens to be an amazing application offered by Facebook which enables users to add in customized maps to their business pages on their sites.


Slideshare is one of the world’s largest communities when it comes to sharing and uploading presentations over the Internet. You can easily share your documents or presentations with your Facebook contacts. You can upload PDFs, conference talks, resume, portfolios and a lot more. It supports different formats such as doc, pdf, odp, pptx, pps, ppt and many more. You can even incorporate YouTube videos here as well.

My Business BlinkWeb

It is another incredible widget for Facebook that enables you to show off your site to all of your friends on the website.


Twitter itself is one of the greatest social networking portals and this Twitter; Facebook app will enable you to bring both of these sites together in a way, which will make things a lot easier for you.


creating Polls will allow you to figure out what actuakky your customers are looking for and to make them add in their voice. Poll is one of the best polling applications avialable over Facebook.

Extended Info

This applciation will enable webmasters to add a number of custimized fields to their facebook profile information section which is useful for sharing with others. You will be able to share more information about yourself with others.

Blog RSS Feed Reader

This application will allow you to add in a RSS feed or personal blog into your own Facebook profile.


This is yet another amazing applciation for all such companies that are looking to launch their own marketing and promotional campaigns within a couple of minutes time right on their website.

Static FBML

This application will offer you with superior features integrated to your Facebook page, and as a result, you will be able to personalize it with Facebook Markup Language or HTML.

Networked Blogs

This is another vital application that will enable all the webmasters out there to promote their blog using the portal of Facebook and even find various other related blogs.

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