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Top Corporate Features in Iphone 5

Apple has added a few twists to the iPhone 5 that certainly seem to make it more corporate-friendly. In addition to the LTE, voice quality, and battery life, the iPhone 5 has some newest features that will push it further up the corporate ladder.

iphone 5 for corporates

Supervised Mode

The ‘Supervised Mode’ is one of the key corporate management features that the iPhone 5 brings with it.  With this option, administrators will be able to take control of the iOS device security settings or user profiles from “over the air” or at setup time. The Supervised Mode allows administrators to be able to wipe configuration profiles of the iPhones on a certain date, sync recent contacts into a mail server etc. This way, administrators are able to execute some control over employee’s iPhones, for instance a contract worker’s.

Guided Access

Though Apple has promoted ‘Guided Access’ as an educational feature, it provides an easy-lock capability, making it ideal for corporate use. This option was initially available for iPads; with the iOS 6, the feature has been applied to iPhones and iPods as well. The Guided Access option allows users to leverage its functionality for configuring an iPhone as a kiosk or for applications that face the customer. The app locking facility this feature offers provides ample settings for an iOS device to be turned into a single-purpose appliance.

HTTP Global Proxy

With the iOS 6 comes the option to define a HTTP global proxy. This means a business can set the device to make use of the own Internet access servers of the company itself. HTTP proxies are primarily applicable for environments where web content auditing and filtering is required. With the iPhone 5, HTTP proxies can be globally applied to a device, allowing security professionals in an organization to scan and filter web content even when the device is connected to any cellular or Wi-Fi network.

Device Locking

Almost all new features of the iPhone 5 come with a good level of lockdown-ability. Administrators can lock down the unit in various different ways. They can block access to iMessenger, lock down Face Time (the camera in the device), block shared photo stream and iBookstore, and other communications features. They can even force the use of SMS instead of iMessage and restrict content from the iBookstore based on ratings.

With these fresh features, the iPhone sure has got a step closer to being used as an approved corporate tool and is pushed into the comfort zone for education, health, and other organizations.

Author Bio:Sindhuja Sandeep is a blogger who writes on mobile phone, computers and other technical stuff. Also she is keen in updating about latest technology. At present she blogs for convergence catalyst, a Telecom consulting firm offering Indian telecom trends, market forecast & operational strategies across entire Telecom value chain.

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