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Top Android Apps Used by Doctors

Where the technology has gone so far as to invent phones and mini computers that are as small as palm, why do the doctors need to stay behind? Where there are thousands of applications available on iPhones, Blackberry and android phones, medical applications are also there that have proved to be a great help for all doctors. Previously doctors were not known to use these applications, but in previous years the needs of such application got so high that more than 60% doctors had iPhones and used the applications. The percentage is increasing and it is said that in 2012, about 81% of doctors will be owning an iPhone and accessing the applications. Previously i wrote about a few health iphone applications, this time i am going to highlight some of the android apps for doctors.

Various Medical Apps

  • One such application used by the doctors is the Epocrates Rx. This is very useful in terms of informing the complete details of the drugs, along with diseases that can be cured with them and their prescription and side effect. If the doctor enters drug name, all the details will be known using it. On the contrary, if some drug related description is entered in it, the application will identify the name of that drug. Every drug’s description comes with its picture. Another application known as the Medscape is an important one for doctors. Although it is very much similar to the Epocrates Rx, it is much better since it also provides videos related to specific drugs.
  • There are also other applications such as the medicalc. Just as its name suggests, it is a medical calculator. It helps the medical staff do various calculations, mentioning the SI units of all. It also mentions many formulas. When the doctor enters the name of the formula, it appears. The Dr Rounds is also an application that helps to record the complete information of the patient’s visits to doctors. These include their prescription, their billing and payment as well as other records, so that the doctor does not have to take care of all those paper bundles. All such information can be stored in a small piece of hardware.
  • The Airstrip OB is another application in iPhones. It is just like a portable monitor where the proper information of mother-to-be and her fetus is known, including their temperature, pressure etc. The signals are transferred from the monitor of the hospital to the mobiles of nurses and doctors, who can notice them and keep a track of them wherever they are.

All the above mentioned applications are the result of the advanced technology that has brought great ease for all the medical staff. Everything from medical glossary to information on drugs etc can be known using these applications. There is an unending list of such applications. Some are free of cost, while there are others that charge some amount. Those that have some charge do not have very high charges and provide some discounts for registrations of large time periods. Those with charges are also worth it, because of the wide range of facilities and help they provide to the doctors.

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