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Top 8 Sites In 2015 I Think Have the Best Call to Action Landing Pages

I am really not the kind of person who will stick on a website if I see it boring, even if my friends think the site is popular. I am that kind that is into quality, and I believe that technology has shifted from low quality HTML page designs to high tech season where you find only the best products on Google the search engine giant. Here are ten websites I think have the best landing pages, no wonder they have millions of conversions on a daily basis.

Call to Action Landing Pages


Gmail changed from a static landing page to a dynamic one just a few years back. I do fancy the animated landing page. You log on to the page, and you really see anything to do with About Us. Instead, you see how the service is going to be of value to you, done. The clear images are not just a source of inspiration. I think Google uses them to drive action and it does really work for them.


I have included it here not because of its global popularity but because I do love the landing page. In fact the about link is at the bottom of the page, showing that PayPal is more concerned with action rather than description. Verbs like Buy, Sell and Send are not just normal links. These are action words used by PayPal to trigger user actions, hence high conversations.


You land on the main page and there is no much going on per say. But Facebook developers are smart to have left their landing page the way it is for a long time, no wonder it has a high conversion rate on a daily. It is simple, land on the page, know what Facebook is in three sentence, sign up, login in and there, you are ready to go. The rest come later and it is all on the inside once you are on session. I bet, their bounce rate will be lesser than 10%.

Coupon Machine

For best deals on coupon and discount prices, Coupon Machine beats them all. You log on here and you will see thing in action. With click events well spaced out and call to action friendly pop ups on the way, it is only certain that this is the actual place to be. I know there are many cool discount deals sites out there, but I stick to this one because of the cool design layout as well as the friendliness of the entire site. More importantly, their stores pages were designed damn perfectly by keeping in mind of conversation ratio. For example, just open their Snapdeal page and checkout how coupons are laid. You will be amazed to see their bounce rate.


OLX is perhaps the most popular classified sites in the world. I am not going to talk about the site starting from the ground up. Hey, once you land on the site, you realize what it is about to say the least. You do not even have to look for the about us link anymore. You already know what is here, so go get it. It is that simple really.


The landing page is quite simple. I love the green call to action buttons that asks users to buy or sell services. The lower section of the page has the system’s portfolio, something quite noticeable about the site, hence worth the time.


The social network’s landing page, like Facebook, gives you only a two sentence introduction to the site and then the remaining is nothing much than call to action button and a login form to the main page on the inside.


This is the most amazing sites I have seen. Like the rest, it is quite straightforward. Everything is rightfully in place. What I love about this is that you do not have to struggle finding any link on the page. It is always right there, before your very eye.

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